Plot Bunnies Everywhere

On my computer, inside of One Note, I have a folder called “Sock Drawer”.

Within this Sock Drawer, I have ideas. Tiny plot bunnies that show up and demand attention but can’t be given enough attention to be written at the moment. They are good ideas, but not full grown ones. Or maybe it’s that they might be close enough to full grown, but I can’t write them because I have other projects.

Bunny trails.

Putting them into a folder gives me peace from their needy selves while also giving me a chance to come back to them later.

Would you like to see some of those ideas?

Screenshot (3)

Most of it is a mess. There are also a lot of Tweet links (someone Tweets an idea or something that inspires me and I copy the link). Some of the ideas are plots, some are just concepts.


As I look at this page in this folder, I remember that I’m actually writing one of these.

Screenshot (3)
This idea, specifically. 

At least, that’s where my current story idea started.

Further, I realize that I could add or have added several other ideas in this folder to my WIP.

Screenshot (3)

Ideas come from anywhere, anytime. If you think it’s a good idea, but you can’t get to it now, don’t throw it out. Put it in a plot bunny field, where it can be free-range, music fed, and grow up big and strong so that when you find a place for it, you can use it.

Especially in recent months...

Kate out.


Figuring Things Out

Hi, reader-peeps.

So, you may have noticed that the 21 Sunrises Challenge posts stopped.

Well, I got to Day 4. I got up, recorded a mini-vlog, read my Bible… and then fell asleep. I was absolutely exhausted. I hadn’t gotten my bedtime early enough to be justifying waking up early.

So that’s problem number 1. Problem 2 is it is snowing again and I have no desire to vlog in the snow. Not sunrises anyway.

While sunrises aren’t the point of the challenge, it does provide me a way to be accountable with the challenge. It gives me something to show you that says “hey, I got up early”. And while I am not doing this for you, having some accountability makes things easier.

I’m not giving up on the challenge. I just need to work out some of the bugs.

One thing I’d really like to do and could do more easily in the early morning is make Minecraft videos. I’m not quite at the point where I know how to do that (if anyone knows how to safely download mods/how to find where the heck my Minecraft screenshots and videos are stored on my computer, that’d be greatly appreciated).

I’m also wondering if anyone would be interested in a Minecraft series where you guys decide what happens next. Not in story line, necessarily, but you decide what things I do at the end of each video.

But we’re getting off track. We were talking about getting up early, not Minecraft.

So, what to do?

  1. Just start getting up early again.
  2. Make sure I’m getting to bed on time to do so.
  3. Find something to look forward to in the mornings to motivate me.

Sounds like a plan, yes?

Kate out.

An Intro, Part 2

Hi, reader-peeps! 

Welcome to part two of 50 facts about me. Due to the long hiatus, age of this blog, and new followers, I decided to start off my return to the blogosphere with an introduction. You can find Part 1 here

Here we go!

26. I am picky about music. You almost have to trick me into listening to new music, in fact. But, at the same time, there are very few music styles I don’t like at all. 

27. I love musicals. My current favorite is Hamilton, but I also love classics like The Sound of Music, Les Miserables, and several Disney movies. 

28. There are very few music artists I like and will listen to a lot of. The top three are Peter Hollens, Ed Sheeran, and Lin Manuel Miranda. 

29. In a similar vein, there are lots of authors I love as people but don’t want to read their books… if that makes sense.

30. I am the oldest of eight kids, seven girls and one boy. 

31. One of my sisters is married. 

32. I have never had a boyfriend. 

33. Except the fictional ones. 

34. I love coffee. My favorite coffee drinks are sweet and iced. 

35. I am picky about tea. I only like black tea, hot or iced, with sugar and maybe milk. 

36. I’m a night owl. I like being up in the morning, but I don’t like getting up in the morning. 

37. I like riding a bike or walking, as far as exercise goes. Swimming is awesome, but I don’t have a pool. I’d honestly like to take martial arts, at some point. 

38. I’m a cat person. Like I like cats, not that I am a cat, obviously… 

39. I’m not a cat, I’m clearly a dragon. 

40. I like dresses. Why did balls and ball gowns go out of style? Seriously. 

41. I’m a Jane Austen fan. 

42. I have the tendency to suddenly be “reading” four books at once and then I stress out because of it. 

43. I love biographies. If I’m not reading fiction, I’m probably reading a biography or a book on writing (and those are occasionally the same thing).

44. I prefer headphones over ear buds. 

45. I love origins. I love learning where words come from, how things are made, what someone’s ancestry looks like, how things got started, etc. 

46. I learn best by having some instruction, an example, and then doing. 

47. I am running out of facts. 

48. My favorite fruits are pears, mangoes, and plums. Apples and bananas are also lovely. 

49. I was born in Georgia.

50. I am trying to start a YouTube channel. Right now, it’s just vlogs but I’d like to branch out into other things, if I can figure out how to do that. 

And that’s 50! Tell me some awesome things about yourself in the comments! Thoughts on music? What kind of exercise do you like? Why did ballgowns and balls go out of style? 

Kate out. 

21 Sunrises Challenge, Day 3

Good morning, reader-peeps! 

It is Day 3 of my 21 Sunrises Challenge, in which I get up early for 21 days and then do mini vlogs of the sunrise. 

Today we got an actual sunrise!!!

Also a moonset:

I have a question for you. What do you want me to talk about while I’m vlogging the sunrise? Any specific questions or topics? They can be about me, about the challenge, really about anything. We do have 18 sunrises left; we could talk about anything. If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments!

Kate out.


I was watching a YouTube video the other day and something completely irrelevant but very interesting was said in it. 

The problem with diets is that when the time period is over, you just go back to what you were eating before. You can’t do that and expect things to go well; it has to be a lifestyle change.


It’s not a new concept or perspective (“Put off the old man and put on the new”, anyone?). But it is a game changer. It flipped my perspective. It was kind of inspiring, you might say. 

So, I’m doing a thing. A challenge. 

If you didn’t get that, basically I am getting up at an early hour every day for 21 days. 21 days is how long it takes to form a habit. With each day, there will be at least a photo or a mini vlog. I want most of these photos/vlogs to be of the sunrise, but no guarantees because Daylight Savings Time is starting soon and I’m not getting up at five just to vlog about a sunrise. 

The name of the challenge is 21 Sunrises and you are more than welcome to join in, if you wish. Just get up early, take a photo or short video of your sunrise (or just something in your morning), put it up on social media, and link me to it in the comments of my blog or the YouTube videos! 

Here’s to formed habits and lifestyle changes, reader-peeps!

Kate out. 

An Intro, Part 1

Hello, reader-peeps. 

To start off my return to blogging, I thought I would introduce myself again. After all, I gained a few followers in my hiatus and I’ve changed a bit since this blog’s birth in 2014. So, without further ado, 50 random facts about yours truly. 

1. I’m a writer. I’m not sure how you don’t know this because it’s literally everywhere but if you didn’t, now you do. 

2. I write mainly fantasy, mainly in the Young Adult category. Dragons and magic and angst all around!

3. On the note of writing, I am also a member of Chapter Twenty-One Con, which is a writer’s conference for twenty-something writers. If you’re interested in that, the Ch21Con site is here.

4. I also used to blog for YAvengers, giving writing advice under the persona of Vision. Sadly, that was short lived, but if you are interested in reading old posts, the blog is here

5. Back to non-blogging writing, I usually do not talk about my current projects until I get a first draft done. Keeping the plot mostly to myself helps me stay motivated. If you’d like small tidbits of my work in progress and me occasionally tongue in cheek complaining about writing, check out my Twitter

6. I used to use the pseudonym Robyn Hoode online. That should explain my blog URL, my Twitter handle, and XBox gamertag. 

7. I named my “internal editor” Lydia. She is basically just the subconscious feeling that helps me not write complete garbage. I do refer to that feeling as Lydia occasionally on the blog.

8. Besides writing, I love to read. My favorite books are all over the place in varying genres, but The Lord of the Rings trilogy will always be near the top of the list. 

9. I love movies too. Really, storytelling in any form. My favorite movies tend to be Disney movies or ones made for kids in general. It’s a fantasy of mine to write for Disney. 

10. Now, I’m extremely picky about tv shows. I do have a few favorites, though, including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Gilmore Girls, My Little Pony, and The Great British Bake Off. Note that three of those five are BBC. 

11. My favorite season is Autumn, which just smells like potential and motivation to me. (Something in the air. Mary Shelly actually describes this in the beginning of Frankenstein.)

12. My favorite holiday is Christmas. It’s not so much just one day as it is a season and everyone is happy. 

13. On that note, I am a Christian. I’ve been one since I accepted Jesus as my Savior back in 1999. And discussing the Bible is absolutely one of my favorite things to do. (And if you ever wish to discuss the Bible or beliefs, my comments are open.) 

14. I adore Bible Trivia. I was a semi-finalist of the 2009 Bible Bee. 

15. I have an extremely good memory, but I don’t memorize things well. It’s more like things just stick well. 

16. I like to bake and experiment with baking. But it is purely a hobby. 

17. I used to knit. Time and motivation got away from me, though. 

18. I love Minecraft. It is such a fun game and I wish I had more people to play it with. 

19. On the Minecraft note, one of my favorite YouTubers is CaptainSparklez. 

20. I don’t watch many other YouTubers, but my friend Hannah has a lovely channel (and her 50 Facts About Me vlog inspired this post). 

21. My MBTI type is ISFJ. This is supposed to be a common type and yet, I don’t think I know any other ISFJs. 

22. My official Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff, but due to some circumstances, I recently disowned Hufflepuff and declared myself as my second House, Ravenclaw. 

23. My favorite color is blue and my favorite shades are tropical blue and teal (the two blues that decorate my blog). 

24. I love GIFs. But I probably won’t be using them in blog posts until I get a laptop. 

25. I love glitter. Not big pieces of glitter, but the tiny, never going to get it off glitter. 

And I’m going to stop the post here. If you made it this far, you are awesome and have some cookies! Tell me some random facts about you in the comments. I want to know some cool things about you. 

Kate out.


My computer has issues. I’ve been told it can be fixed.

But until I have it back in my possession, my hiatus continues. I’m posting this from my tablet. It’s not horrible, but a computer is easier.
Don’t worry. I have big plans, both for this blog and for life. I’ll be back as soon as I can be. 

Keep being awesome, reader peeps. 

Kate out. 


So, I haven’t posted in six weeks.

Which, I hope you noticed and missed me. If you didn’t, don’t tell me.

Truth of the matter is that life got ahead of me and that I have been running short on ideas for quite a while now.

No, this is not the end of Spiral-Bound. But it might be the start of something new.

I’m making my hiatus official. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone. Hopefully not long. But I need to take a step back and evaluate without my blog breathing down the back of my neck like a mob boss that I haven’t paid. Not that any such person exists! Totally not… 

Anyway, reader peeps, I’ll be back soon. Don’t forget to be awesome.

Kate out.