I think it’s time…

(I could be completely wrong about that, though. Let’s hope not.)


So, I’ve had a couple of secret writing projects hidden and I think now is the time to reveal one of them. I have gotten far enough into the story that I’m not scared of sharing a few details.

If you aren’t interested in my writing, then now is your chance to leave unscathed.

Okay. The rest of you are stuck here until the end of the post. Please? I mean, I assume you wouldn’t still be reading if you weren’t interested. 

And now, without further ado, introducing, my new project…


Episode 1: Shoelaces of Doom

I’m describing The Glitter Syndicate as plot bunny recycling– it’s getting the excess plot bunnies that I have, the ones that I don’t want to make into a full-blown novel or the ones that are too crazy to be in a novel. There’s glitter and a “spirit of chaos” and romance (in the works) and antics and a pickpocketing ferret and a dragon named Toby and snark! All the basics for a good story, yes? And yes, they are all crazy ideas.  Shoelaces of Doom specifically is a heist story.

My Pinterest board for this story is currently secret and it’s mostly filled with the crazier writing prompts, most of which are not yet in the story. I’ll be revealing the Pinterest board when I get closer to done.

I’m using this as my Camp NaNo project. The goal for the story is 20K and I’m just over 7.5K.

And… that’s it!

Doctor Who Nine Rose Tyler bye