So, I haven’t posted in six weeks.

Which, I hope you noticed and missed me. If you didn’t, don’t tell me.

Truth of the matter is that life got ahead of me and that I have been running short on ideas for quite a while now.

No, this is not the end of Spiral-Bound. But it might be the start of something new.

I’m making my hiatus official. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone. Hopefully not long. But I need to take a step back and evaluate without my blog breathing down the back of my neck like a mob boss that I haven’t paid. Not that any such person exists! Totally not… 

Anyway, reader peeps, I’ll be back soon. Don’t forget to be awesome.

Kate out.


Running Part 2

The other day, I posted about running, how I started running and was enjoying it and was wondering if elliptical miles are equivalent to ground miles.

On Saturday, I ran one mile in twenty minutes, less than half of what I can do on the elliptical. I walked that last quarter mile.  And that running makes me feel very breathing, much ow. I’m still sore on Tuesday.

BUT I RAN A MILE!!! Well, walked some of it, but I did it! And now I have a goal to work toward. Emotionally, I felt ready to take on the world.

On the other hand, though, I’m not particularly looking forward to running outside and being sore again. My excitement about running has faded a bit, probably because I skipped a few days because, guess what, I’m sore!

So, here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m not going to run for the rest of this week, or at least until Saturday. I think I’m going to do yoga instead or just forget it because it’s VBS week and Vacation Bible School tends to wear me out anyway. It’s plenty of exercise, I think.

Next week, I will reevaluate. Figure out running days, figure out elliptical days, figure out other exercise days. Nothing super strict, since I have no desire whatsoever to run in the rain (and we got a flash hail storm yesterday so…).

Thank you to everyone who encourages me in this. Encouragement really helps and means a lot.

Short post today, but hopefully soon there will be a longer post, maybe even one about writing because hey this is a writing blog… i think. 

Kate out.


I started running, reader peeps. 

Well, not really running. Elliptical. Which is kind of running, but indoors (and still feels a little like cheating to me).


So, the picture above is where I kept track of my times and how far I’ve gone. The elliptical is accurate on time. I don’t know how accurate it is on distance, which is the second column of numbers.

The first day I was doing this, June 8th, I did not really want to get on the elliptical. I knew I needed to, I knew I should, but I was procrastinating. But I did it. Then I was talking to a friend about it afterward and he told me that I had gone over 5k.



As a kid, I hated running. I was slow. My chest hurt afterward. I came in last because all the other kids were faster. As a teen and even up to the last year, running was not something I could see myself doing. Not in a house, not with a mouse. Not with a goat, not on a boat. I did play with the idea a bit last year. But I never actually did it.

And then this. June 8th. I run over a 5k? (By the way, 5k=3.1 miles.)

It was a huge confidence boost.

For the next week, I did the elliptical every day.  I got up early, excited to run on Saturday, the 9th. Almost every day I would talk to my friend about running, sharing time/distance and asking questions (he has been running longer than me). Everything has been going beautifully. I’ve learned to hydrate pre-run so I don’t get a headache. I’ve learned that music works, Netflix does not. I’ve learned that I really have to warm up my knees and ankles pre-run. I’m kind of excited by obstacle races and would love to do one eventually.

Then two days ago, I start thinking about how I could take this running outside. Partially so I can figure out if I really can run 5k.

I live in Middle Of Nowhere, Indiana on a good sized property, but not in a town. I live out in the country. So it’s not like I can run around our town on the sidewalks or anything like that. So. How do I take this outside?

Run around the yard.

Now, to do this I need two things: a way to keep track of time and a way to keep track of distance.

Time is a minor issue. That’s what watches are for. Distance however…

So, I ask my dad how big our property is in miles. I figure I can lap the yard however many times to equal that 3.1 miles. We do the math.

About 4 laps around the yard is 1 mile.

Which means that 3 miles is 12 laps around the yard.

Holy plot bunnies… 

I wish that I could end this post with a heartwarming underdog victory and tell you how I absolutely did run 12 laps around my yard and I feel great about it.

But I haven’t done it yet.

I asked my dad about distance yesterday. Yesterday was kinda an emotional mess. Yesterday the morning elliptical went poorly and I wasn’t happy about how it turned out (it was a slow run, because I was sore, and Netflix made it go by too fast, so I felt like it had been too easy– seriously, guys, Netflix does NOT WORK FOR THIS). Yesterday I wanted to do everything and nothing. Yesterday food was making me feel sick.

Yesterday I asked my dad about the distance for running the perimeter of our yard. 12 laps for 3 miles.

Peeps, I’m terrified. Our yard is huge. For years, I’ve gotten tired just walking to the garden and back and that’s only half the yard.

On the one hand, the elliptical could be accurate enough and I can totally handle 12 laps around the yard. On the other hand, the elliptical could be horrifically inaccurate and I can’t make it at all.

And maybe that’s a completely stupid thing to be worried about. 5k is a huge amount. So what if I can’t run it?

I’m not sure that I’ve ever had Impostor Syndrome with writing. I’ve had times where I wonder if I can really write, sure. But worrying about being a fraud is not quite accurate there. That’s more of just writerly doubt, I think.

I might have Impostor Syndrome with running, though. A fear of finding out that I’m not really that good. That there’s no way that the 5k is accurate if I’m dying after one lap around the yard. It’s so inaccurate that it’s laughable. That I’m laughable. That I should’ve never tried running in the first place and there’s no point in continuing to try. That I was living in delusion. That I am a fraud.

So here we are. I want to run outside. I want to know.

At the same time, I don’t want to know at all. I’m terrified. My bubble of ignorance is safe.

But I think that if I don’t find out on my own, the truth will come out sooner or later. And if I find out sooner, I have a chance to improve before later.

Today is a rest day. Today is a day to read and write, two things which have been a bit ignored this week. Today is to recover, a day to rise from the ashes.

Tomorrow is a day to brush off the ashes and put back on my running shoes. Tomorrow, I will run.

Kate out.

10 Truths and 2 Lies

Hey, reader peeps!

I know it’s been a while. Life happened. Not quite a curve ball or a lemon, but something big and drastic enough that I’m trying to figure out where and how writing and blogging and other things fit in.

I saw a cool idea for a post on Nadine Brandes’ blog. She did a post where she listed 10 truths and 2 lies about herself and the readers are supposed to guess which things are the lies.

And since I have gotten new followers and have some old ones who probably don’t know everything… I’m going to do the same.

So, guess away! I’ll post the answers next week.

  1. I want a black cat.
  2. I don’t like honey.
  3. If I could pick a super power, I would choose flying.
  4.  I don’t like Twenty-One Pilots.
  5. One of my dream jobs is writing for Disney.
  6. I love the Throne of Glass series.
  7. I want to dye my hair blue.
  8. I am learning German.
  9. I have written a rap.
  10. I have never been stung by a bee, wasp, hornet, etc.

Let me know your guesses in the comments!

Kate out.

An Emoji Story

I have honestly no idea how to introduce this.

All you need to know is that I found the “Change Emoji” feature in Messenger and Liam and I had fun with it.

You set the emoji to 🐇.
Plot bunnies.
Liam set the emoji to 🚀.
No, we can’t do the rocket. Lily and I have the rocket.
Liam set the emoji to 👽.
The rockets found an alien!
It only took eight of them!
You set the emoji to 🍕.
The alien likes pizza.
Liam set the emoji to 😓.
But it gives the alien a fever.
It turns yellow.
It’s the yellow fever.
You set the emoji to 💊.
Alien takes medicine.
You set the emoji to 💀.
It doesn’t work.
You set the emoji to 👾.
I don’t know what this emoji is. A different alien?
A purple spider?
A purple spider comes to help, his foreclaws washed and ready for medical use!
Liam set the emoji to 👀.
He looks for the cause…
Liam set the emoji to 💩.
It’s smiling back at him!
Liam set the emoji to 😳.
(Oh I thought maybe that was the spider’s comment…)
How embarrassing, says the fevered alien.
Liam set the emoji to 😱.
The purple spider is shocked into changing color. It isn’t a spider after all, but an impostor octopus!
You set the emoji to 😱.
You set the emoji to 🚓.
The alien has been trusting his health to an imposctopus? Impossctible!
The authorities arrive…
Liam set the emoji to 💩.
We can’t help with that! They say.
Liam set the emoji to 🔥.
The smell of burning rubber follows as they leave.
You set the emoji to 👽.
The alien begins to realize that this might be the end…
Liam set the emoji to 🍻.
He has one last glass of his favorite drink…
Cream soda
Okay, he indulges and has two. Lower belly fat be darned.
Liam set the emoji to 💖.
What’s this?
His heart beating stronger?
Liam set the emoji to 💪.
His arms feeling big again?
Liam set the emoji to 🎶.
His voice restored to the dulcet tones he enjoyed in the Alien State Boys Choir that won seven galactic competitions in a row?
(He wasn’t in the choir when they won, but still.)
Liam set the emoji to 😁.
He could be on the road to recovery, though he is but yellow!
Liam set the emoji to 🐫.
A camel walked into his hospital room.
Behold! Said the camel. I have two humps but I used to have three.
(Good because what about the impostopus?)
(Is this the three humped camel joke?)
The third was this imposctopus you see before you practicing illegal medicine!
His license is long expired, and it was issued in New Jersey anyway, so it was never worth much.
Liam set the emoji to 🔫.
It’s time to put an end to this imposctopus!
You set the emoji to 🙊.
(Says the camel)
Oh no! Scream onlookers.
Liam set the emoji to 👀.
The bullet is fired!
You set the emoji to 😰.
You set the emoji to 💔.
Everyone watches, unable to turn away, as the mother camel attempts to slay her imposctopus son!
Liam set the emoji to 💀.
It hits the newly cured alien instead.
The alien dies instantly.
You set the emoji to 🙈.
Liam set the emoji to 💃.
The imposctopus went on to have a fulfilling career in the radio city rockettes.
You set the emoji to 👽.
The alien is mourned.
You set the emoji to 😱.
The Alien State Boys Choir is brought in to sing at their alum’s funeral.
(no he wasn’t in the choir)
(now i’m just confused)
You set the emoji to 👸.
The Queen is there.
(The aliens say “Boys” but actually mean ungendered creatures with high yet non-feminine voices.)
(The alien was in the choir, but not at the time they won, and not in years.)
Liam set the emoji to 👶.
The royal baby is there.
Onlookers say he is large than life.
You set the emoji to 👰.
“Do you sing at weddings?”
Liam set the emoji to 👽.
“Only when uninvited.”
You set the emoji to 👾.
No, for that is not the imposctopus!
That is the true purple spider the imposctopus was posing as!
“We apologize for this breach of security.”
“The imposctopus will die for his heresy.”
“As will you for witnessing it.”
Liam set the emoji to 💀.
Liam set the emoji to 😡.
A red sun rises.
You set the emoji to 😳.
Blood has been spilled this night.
An event reminder was set.
The event reminder was named to Blood has been spilled.
Event reminder, Blood has been spilled at 11:07 PM.
You set the emoji to ⛪.
There’s not a graveyard emoji. This is the church with the funerals.
Most of the aliens were of this denomination, I think.
But while they mourn, they do not know how their loved ones died.
It’s safe to say.
Liam set the emoji to 👀.
Let the reader see.
Liam set the emoji to 👂.
Let the hearer hear.
Liam set the emoji to 👃.
And let the sniffer, smell.
For only one lives who yet knows the tale.
Only one lives who can tell those who follow after.
Only one, whose smell is like no other.
Liam set the emoji to 💩.
The chocolate pudding.
The End?
Liam set the emoji to 👍.
You set the emoji to 👏.
And the same to you.
thank you.
I hope you’re saving this.
Make it your next blog post!

Yeah, we’re nuts. But we enjoyed it, even if you don’t.

Kate out.

Liking Stuff for Kids

Hi, reader-peeps.

As most of you know, I am an adult (if you didn’t know that, Hi! I’m Katie and I’m 25).

As most of you also know, I have many younger siblings (if you didn’t know that, I have 7 younger siblings, 6 girls and 1 boy).

I think having so many younger siblings is part of what has kept me loving things made for kids. Not the entire reason, but definitely part of it.

I don’t think I would play Minecraft, love Disney movies, or watch as many children’s tv shows.

I would probably still keep reading picture books and middle grade, though.

I said a long time ago that there were only a handful of tv shows I would still watch when I moved out and didn’t have siblings that watched them. These shows are Arthur (because it came out when I was little and remains mostly still good) and My Little Pony (because I’m a Pegasister). There was one  or two other shows but they don’t come on anymore.

Where am I going with all this?

  1. It is perfectly okay to love stuff made for kids, even as an adult. Kids are just the target audience.
  2. If you write for children, it’s actually kind of important to read and watch stuff written for children.
  3. I really just wrote all this so I could say THERE’S A TRAILER FOR THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE I’M SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!


Kate out.

Updates on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Hello, reader-peeps.

Image result for marshmallow peeps diorama contest
We’re off to see the wizard!

I’ve been doing a lot recently. And I thought that it might make a good blog post to tell you some of the things I am doing. (None of these are New Year’s Resolutions, even though they sound like it.)

I’m watching how many carbohydrates I consume a day.

I’m aiming to eat no more than 100 carbs a day. There are health reasons for this, but the main goal is to lose some weight which will help with the other things. Eating less carbs means eating less bread and sugar, mostly. Breakfast time is difficult. Cold cereal is almost completely out. Forget bagels, unless they are mini-bagels or only a half. So breakfast has been mostly eggs with something that doesn’t have many carbs. The only other problem I’ve had with this diet is that I’m hungry a lot. Hopefully that will subside over time. In the mean time, cheese and peanut butter are my friends.

I’m exercising.

This goes with the last point. We have an elliptical and I have been doing 15 minutes on it a day (except today, oops). It’s been… exerting? Which is the point. But since all I have to do is turn on music and start walking, it’s not that bad.

I’m blogging!

See? See I am blogging! 😛

I’m driving!

And I’m getting much better. Hopefully before too long, I will have a license and a job!

I’m reading!

I just finished Save the Cat by Blake Snyder and it is the best book on writing technique that I’ve read (and the only one I’ve read all the way through). I’m currently reading Stephen King’s On Writing, which is have writing book and half memoir. It’s been good so far. I’m also reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I watched the movie in December when I spent a week in Bloomington with Lily J. I enjoyed it so I thought I might enjoy the book as well. Though, I have to wonder as I read it, was this book conceived because of a love for the original Pride and Prejudice or was it hatred for it? Was it a matter of “I can write better than this junk!” or “This is awesome! I wonder what it’d be like with zombies…”? Or was it a dare? A punishment?

If I ever meet the author, I’m asking him.

One thing I’m not doing is writing.

At least for today.

The story I was working on didn’t work out. I don’t have any other plot bunnies begging for my attention.

I seem to go through a lot of plot bunnies before finding the ones that work. Sometimes, this is okay with me because I have another plot bunny that seems better and I immediately go into that one. But this time, there are no plot bunnies.

I think I need to refill my creative bank. So I’m reading. And watching Netflix. And listening to music. I’m exposing myself to stories.

And I’m praying. I know I would not be an author if God had not given me the desire to be one. He has given me plot bunnies since I was little and didn’t even know what plot bunnies were. So, I’m going to pray and trust that God will give me inspiration when He sees fit and not a moment before. I can’t waste time and brain energy worrying that I will never have another good idea again.

Tell me what you’re up to. Have you read or watched P&P&Z? Know any good egg recipes? What do you do when your plot bunny farm becomes dangerously quiet? Let me know in the comments below!

Kate out.

Captain’s Log; Stardate: 1-1-2017

Happy New Year!

Image result for pusheen new year gif

I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions.

Image result for pusheen new year gif

It makes me a bit anxious to plan a whole year ahead. The future can be intimidating sometimes. I prefer taking life one day at a time.

That being said, I like to have things to look forward to and stuff I want to do. For example, I would like to go to Chapter One Con again and this time, all my bestest friends are planning to come to, two of which I’ve never met before outside of the internet because they live so far away.

So, here’s a list of things I would like to do this year. This is just a general list of stuff/goals I’m really looking forward to, no pressure on me and no scary “what ifs” in my head.

  1. I want to write. I want to finish this current novel (which is brand new and I have a really good feeling about this one). This goal is kind of a given. I’m not going to quit writing any time soon.
  2. I want to get my driver’s license. I want to learn how to drive safely and get all the hours I need and then drive me and other people places.
  3. I want a job. I want to put in applications at the various libraries within commuting distance and pray one of them hires me. If I can’t get a library job, I’ll do something else, but I would ultimately love to work at a library.
  4. I want to become more excited about God and the Bible and church. I used to be excited about all this. I want to go back to excitement like that and let that excitement grow.
  5. I want to pray more.
  6. I want to blog more. I realize that I let go of blogging a bit this past year and somehow I now have three blogs I contribute to, two of which I am admin? This blog is still my favorite and I need to be blogging more here. The one I am not admin of (YAvengers) only requires one or two posts a month from me and my Bible Blog could be the same. But I need to be blogging at least once or twice a week here. And I need to get back to replying to comments (I am so sorry, reader-peeps).
  7. I want to read 30 books. That is my official goodreads goal so thirty books I shall read. I “officially” read 32 in 2016.
  8. I want to query. I think I say this every year? As I said earlier, I have a really good feeling about the novel I’m working on now. Or I may edit and query Magic Teacups. Or I may write a short story and query that. Who knows?

This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start and I think it’s plenty to work with for now.

What are your want-to-dos for 2017? Happy 2017 to you all!

Kate out.


I sit at a library desk.

I have my laptop, two notebooks, three library books, my bag, and an empty coffee cup.

The laptop is on. I listen to the “Epic Gaming”playlist on Spotify (that Game of Thrones piece was nearly ten minutes long!), trying to start my new story.

My new story is a mystery. I’ve written nearly a page off it. It’s starting off handwritten, in an empty notebook I’ve had for a few years. I was waiting for the right story to go into it.

My other notebook holds part of my planning for this story, while my computer holds the other notes and outlines.

Are the library books necessary for my writing? Probably not. At least not sitting there unopened. But they are necessary for my sanity. I’m looking forward to Ruin and Rising.

The coffee cup is from a coffee shop across the street from the library. The coffee shop felt very hipster and writing atmosphere to me. Coffee and tea and baked goods written down on chalk boards. WiFi password on a sign on the counter. People with coffee and open laptops everywhere. I’ve been informed it’s Finals Week but there was one person I passed who very well could’ve been writing and not studying.

I ordered a Tuxedo Mocha (white and dark chocolate) with peppermint syrup. It really didn’t taste all that minty but it was delicious.

From the window I sit beside, I can see the snow. Soft, fluffy flakes that are picturesque. Something out of a fantasy. Across the street are two buildings: a pizzaria and a place called Pygmalions.

Note that there is no apostrophe in “Pygmalions”. It does not belong to a Pygmalion. (Or if it does, they do not have proper grammar.)

The sign says they sell art supplies.


Inside the building, I sit just behind the YA section and graphic novels. I’m not far from the magazines.

My best friend sits at the front desk, helping people find the books they need.

I’m about to pack up and have lunch. Then I’ll come back to the words.

Honestly, this place is nearly paradise.