So, every now and then, I get inspired to write a poem. The poems I write are usually haiku, because syllables are easy to figure out and haiku doesn’t rhyme.

Well, last night, a plot bunny came and nudged me and said “Why don’t you write a rhyming poem that’s form is based on Annabel Lee?”

Stupid rabbit actually had the wrong poem (and I still don’t know what poem it actually meant)(If anyone thinks they might know what poem the plot bunny was thinking of, could you let me know in the comments?), but I did write a poem of my own last night. It’s sad and I’m not sure how good it actually is (I am no judge of poetry), but here it is for you to enjoy, my readers.


Many months he’s been at sea,

He’s not able to talk to me.

I sit alone in our tree.

Without my sailor, just I.

I watched him get on the ship

Streams of tears, they would not quit.

Could this be the end of it,

My sailor love and I?

My sailor’s ship has come back!

I run to the harbor, I can’t keep back.

Of love and kisses, there’ll be no lack

Between my sailor love and I.

I arrive at the dock, but there’s wrong.

Instead of being filled with song,

A sadness echoes through the throng.

My sailor will tell me why.

But where is my sailor dear?

A man arrives beside me here.

And then he confirms my worst fears.

My sailor love has died.

The horizon is red on the sea.

I sit alone in the tree.

Never again will it be

My sailor love and I.