Adventures in Baking: Lamingtons

When I’m not writing or editing, I am often using my creative brain cells to bake.

I like baking well enough. It’s fun and you get to eat the finished result. What’s not to like?

Last weekend, I was introduced to the concept of Lamingtons.

(So, a Lamington is an Australian treat. Little piece of cake dipped in chocolate and then coated in coconut. They’re usually served with cream and jam as well as tea or coffee. Tell me it doesn’t sound good.)

My friend Brett is Australian. And a friend of his took the title of the book Brett is editing (The Bureau of Time) and combined it with Lamingtons to make The Bureau of Lamingtons. And then it was on Twitter. And that is how I found out what a Lamington is.

The hashtag #TheBureauofLamingtons went around Twitter for a few days (not trending, though) and some of us non-Aussies got to find out what Lamingtons are and drool over them.

Today, I gave in. I had time. I wanted to bake. I wanted something sweet.

I made Lamingtons.

The recipe I used is here.

It was an interesting experience.

The batter was very thick and it tried to stick to the rubber spatula I was using. It didn’t need to cook as long as the recipe said it needed to.

And the cake was drier than I expected. Which I have been assured is a trait of Lamingtons and that’s why they are served with cream and jam.

But the cake tasted good. My mother ate a couple small pieces plain.

Lamongton pre-chocolate.
Lamongton pre-chocolate.

I had a piece with strawberry jam. And after that, a part of me wanted to just forget the chocolate and coconut and eat them with jam.

Brett told me that this was practically heresy and and high treason. So the Lamingtons were then tarred and feathered dipped in chocolate and coconutted. (Except for the ones that were trying to crumble into the icing at the end. I left those plain. [Sorry, Brett.])

Houston, we have Lamingtons.
Houston, we have Lamingtons.

Having no cream in the house, I ate one with strawberry jam. In my opinion, it was too many flavors at once. Just chocolate and coconut is enough, though it is still a little dry (as Lamingtons are apparently supposed to be). One day, though, I am going  to make these again and eat them with cream.

And that’s how Lamingtons, a treat born in Queensland, was made in rural Indiana. (Though apparently they are a thing in Cleveland, Ohio?)



Project 3K Revealed– A Surprise for Liam Wood, Head Phil

Lovely day to you all! I have something awesome to share with you.

Just over two years ago, 10 people got together and wrote a story for a mutual friend, Liam (blogger of This Page Intentionally Left Blank), to celebrate his having so many blog followers. He had 550 when we started planning that story and he had over 700 when we finished.

Liam now has almost 3,000 followers.

Nine of us– Seana J. Vixen, Erin Kenobi, Shim, Matthew Black, Iris, Leinad, Erin, Anna, Lily J, and myself–have come together to write another story to celebrate, known to us as Project 3K. We were planning to reveal it when Liam’s blog hit 3,000 followers.

Then, just a few days ago, Liam announced that he would soon be leaving for the United States Merchant Marine Academy. We are all very happy for him, yet we wanted him to be able to see this story, so it was decided that we would post it early.

Here is that story.

If you want to follow along with who wrote which section, I wrote the first bit and then everyone else followed after in the order I listed them. (YES LILY J DOUBLED THE LENGTH OF THE STORY WITH HER SECTION. Thank you, Lily, for without you I would never have known that my blog could post a post so big.)

And here’s to you, Head Phil Liam! Hope you enjoy it. Remember how awesome you are.


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Today, I realized just how many awesome people have birthdays in December. So…

I thought I would do a birthday post for these awesome people!

December 6th was Liam’s birthday! (He blogs at This Page Intentionally Left Blank and YAvengers.)

December 16th is the birthday of Jane Austen (she wrote Pride and Prejudice) and the 25th birthday of my cousin, Brittany.

Today, December 19th, has three awesome birthdays.

One of my hobbits, the Ninja, turns 8 today!

My very dear friend, Seana J. Vixen (who blogs at The Totally Insane Writer) is now 16!

And it’s Brandon Sanderson’s birthday, too! (He wrote the Mistborn Trilogy, which I love to pieces.)

December 23 is the birthday of another dear friend of mine, Lily! (Lily’s Notes in the Margins.)

A Very Happy Birthday to all these awesome people!

Cake and confetti for you all!

(Did I miss anyone? Tell me and I’ll edit the post!)



I would like to direct your attention to the follower count on the footer of the blog.

Do you see that?


#doctorwho animated #gif

doctor who gifs | Doctor dancing gif Guys… thank you so much! I’m honored and touched and I just want to hug you all and give you things!

HUG gif

1000 years old and he still gets as excited about ice cream as a 5 year old (click through for gifs)
Virtual ice cream for all!!!

Thank you, again, for following this humble little piece of the blogosphere.

You are all awesome.