Hi! Quick Announcement

Good morning, reader-peeps!

I have some awesome news.

I have a guest post at the H.U.G.U.S comic!

It’s a short story (in parts) with one of my characters as the MC and it’s set at the HUGUS Academy from the comic.

For those of you who don’t know, HUGUS is a comic about a magic college by Wendy Z./rajamitsu, who I met through Twitter and Twitter people. It’s my favorite internet comic and you should definitely consider reading it.

For those of you who are coming here from that comic, welcome to Spiral-Bound! I’m Katie and I talk a lot about writing, dragons, books, life, and whatever other thoughts I think deserve internet publicity.  I have no set posting schedule, but I’d like to post at least once a week.  Hope you like it here.

And that’s all I have for today! Please go check out HUGUS. It. Is. Awesome.

Kate out.


Camp Update: The Final Result

Hiya, reader-peeps.

How to Train your Dragon

On May 1st, I finished Camp NaNo for April 2017.

Hiccup looking very fieresome and sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More accurately, I finished the story I was working on for Camp. I didn’t meet my word goal, but I did finish a novella of 11k words, entitled The Glitter Syndicate.

rtte hiccup and astrid dancing - Αναζήτηση Google

It’s certainly not a perfect story, as no first draft is, but I am happy with it and it feels good to have finished a story since writing Magic Teacups.

Who wants a synopsis and snippets?


When Em, the youngest princess of her family, wants to more than a political pawn, she leaves her home to live with her disowned, wizard in training uncle. Her uncle uses the rooms of his falling down manor for tenants and magic practice. He isn’t good at magic, so the magic within the rooms had become messy and tangled up. Em is kidnapped by a person made of magic who wants to steal her magic. But Em doesn’t have magic that she knows of. Now she has to escape this madman and discover the truth about the magic everyone says she has. Being an independent adult is a lot harder than she thought it would be.


Snippet 1:

December Teresa Pearl Elia of the House of Winterbrook in the kingdom of Gloriana was no longer a princess. She was still stuck with her very long name, but since she rarely used it and usually just went by Em, she felt she could handle it.

She hadn’t expected to suddenly not be a princess, though. And the moment she stepped outside the palace walls, she didn’t feel any different. She still felt sad about the argument and shocked that it had come to her leaving home. She still felt her fake confidence and smile to the world, not letting anyone know that there was anything wrong.

If there was anything that felt new and strange, it was that she actually had no idea how to get to where she was going. She couldn’t turn around and ask for a ride to her uncle’s manor. That seemed like a literal step backwards. What was that one thing common people did in movies when they wanted a ride? Whistle? Shout “Taxidermy?”

No, not taxidermy. Taxi. Those strange yellow cars that took people places. Those were taxis.

Snippet 2: 

One sob escaped Em’s throat before the piano upstairs started playing. An appropriately tragic tune. Like a soundtrack to her current feeling. Which was a bit unsettling.

Then the tune abruptly changed. It sounded like Uptown Funk smushed with Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Em cringed. It made Em no longer feel like crying, but made her feel like smashing that piano.

Snippet 3:

“Oh! And that’s Piper,” he said, pointing to the ferret. “She plays the saxophone and she’s learning the cello, but she hates practicing.”


“And I’m Gabriel, but no one calls me that twice and lives to tell the tale. Gabe is just fine. And before you ask, no I do not play the trumpet, that would be far too stereotypical of me. I do play the accordion and the English horn and if you ask nicely, I will play the bagpipes but I will not wear a kilt while doing it. Well, I might. Depends on my mood that day. But mostly not.”

Snippet 4:

“Anyway, the way the magic works is that I practice the magic and it’s not very good and it messes up,” Uncle Ashford continued. “I try to untangle it, when I have the time, but it’s a real mess and I’m just not that good of a magician. So, I bring in people to help. These people tend to end up becoming my tenants.” He gestured to the four people sitting at the table.

“That’s Mo,” he began. “She’s a doctor, who specializes in magic. And that’s Claudius,” he said pointing to the Jedi. “He’s a time traveling alchemist who happened to be in the area recently.”

He pointed to a young teenager, who was reading a comic. “That’s Bartholomew. He’s a vampire and a computer genius.” The boy looked up and gave Em a pointy grin covered in braces.

“And that,” Uncle Ashford said, pointing to pile of opaque green slime, “is Ms. Whatsit. She’s a shapeshifter. That is her natural form, by the way.”

The pile of slime bubbled. Claudius translated, “She says lovely to meet you and that you should join her for tea someday.”

Em smiled and nodded, though she had no idea how slime could be capable of drinking tea. Or having a gender, for that matter.


And that’s it! How did Camp go for you, peeps? Let me know in the comments!

Kate (and Hiccup) out.

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Camp Update: How’s it going, Kate?

Hi, reader-peeps.

Galavant- I have a dragon
Yeah, this isn’t HTTYD, but it’s relevant.

Time for a Camp NaNoWriMo update!

Well, this is starting like many of my other NaNo events.

I write for a few days and then realize “This ain’t working”.

I think a lot of different things can contribute to the “This ain’t working”. Sometimes it’s me just being stuck early on. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing (yes, I used to be an extreme discovery writer. yes, this is very annoying.). Sometimes, it’s a problem with the story. The story is boring, too complex, it’s somehow in a genre i don’t like, it’s plot driven instead of character driven, etc, etc, etc.

19 Fun facts about HTTYD (gif-fest OC) - Imgur

This time, I think there are a lot of things contributing to “this ain’t working”. Very little of it is the story’s fault.

  1. This is an old story. This was my first NaNoWriMo story, in fact. And this is a story that I can’t let go of. Or rather, it’s characters I can’t let go of. But I think I’m putting too much pressure on myself in writing it. Because I want to get it right. I want it to be a good story.
  2. I’m scared. This was also the first story that ever got a real critique on it. I remember some of that critique. It’s not something I want to relive. I’m scared this story is just as messy as it was at first or that it will be. That it will scream that I haven’t learned as a writer.
  3. On the one hand, I have my mom loving this story to death, like I do, and wanting me to write it. On the other, I have my CP, who I have been lowkey hiding exactly what I’m writing because I feel slightly ashamed/embarrassed that I keep coming back to it instead of finding something new.
  4. This story may be too emotional for me right now. I’m tired. A couple different things are really stressing me out right now. I feel like I am being pursued by a bear, exit stage left, and can’t catch my breath. I’m not sure I want to write this level of emotions right now.
  5. I’m lazy. I see that this story might be hard so I get scared and back off. (Okay, not really. I hope. I’m worried that I actually am doing this.)

A lot of this boils down to “I care too much about what other people think”. And that’s a problem I’m not sure how to fix.

Image result for hiccup how to train your dragon crazy and weird gif

I’m sick of setting stories aside. But this has been part of my normal writing process for years. If I’m not feeling the story, I put it down.

But I wonder just how much of my concern for what other people think has leaked into my writing process. I write every day because I don’t want to look lazy. I see word counts go up, up, up at a rate of 10k a day and I look down at my own word count of 200. I see those people who write 10k do other things besides write and they are happy. I write 200 and feel like it took all day and feel like I am complaining too much or am asking for too much help.

Image result for hiccup how to train your dragon crazy and weird gif


When did writing become a “I have to do this” vs. “I want to do this”? When did I stop writing for the joy of writing and start writing to “have written”? When did my world become so fast paced around me and I felt the need to keep up and my stories aren’t keeping up?

Why do I care so much about story structure? I used to be a die-hard pantser and now I freak out if I don’t know what to do next. Like at all.

I don’t know. It’s entirely possible that I’m just freaking out because it’s a good week to do that.


I’ll be fine.

This story is not being thrown out. As I said, I can’t let go of it. But it might go on hold for a while longer. Or I might come back today/tomorrow/in a week/a month when things are calmer. Or I may work on it in bursts for the next five years, one scene at a time.

My CP suggested writing short stories for a while. I think I’m going to do that. Use up some plot bunnies. Finish some stories. Not feel like I’m failing someone. I want to get back to a point where writing stories is for fun and I’m not worried what other people think (well, not too worried). I want to write something crazy and weird and not care that it’s crazy and weird.

Image result for galavant dragon gif



Hopefully your Camp or even just your writing is going better than mine. How is it going, btw? Let me know in the comments!

Kate out.


Answers to the 10 questions and 2 Lies Game.

Hey reader peeps!

So, last week, I posted a post with eight truths and two lies about myself (yes, I did the math wrong, shush), inviting you all to guess which were the lies.

Most of you guessed that number 6 was a lie. That is indeed one of them. I haven’t read Throne of Glass and I don’t really plan to. I tried it and it’s not my cup of tea.

The other lie is….

Number 3.

I am scared of heights, so flying is not going to be a preference, probably.

Feel free to question the truths in the comments and I will explain them.

Only I one of you guessed both lies. And I’m this guy’s arch nemesis, so I find this concerning, reader peeps!

Congratulations, Matthew. There’s not really a prize for this, but I could send you one if you promise to open it immediately after it stops ticking.

Kate out.

How to Write Your Dragon Kid

Hello, reader-peeps!

Who knows what happens in April?

Camp NaNoWriMo!

And I am 100% insane for thinking I’m going to write a whole book in a month.

Oh well.

I’m really excited about this book. It’s actually an overhaul of a story very near and dear to me.

I’m not saying a thing about it, though. You know me. I keep my mouth shut about WIPs.

But if I actually get it written in a month, it won’t be long before you hear about it.

Now, as I’ve tried to make it a bit of a tradition for NaNo Events, I like to pick a movie character to channel during my writing (mostly just to use the gifs for posts). I’ve done Elsa and Jack Sparrow. This April, I’ve chosen…


Not so coincidentally, How to Train Your Dragon is a very apt book/movie for me writing this particular book. Though maybe How to Write Your Dragon Kid would be more accurate.

Haha it shouldn't make me laugh but it's hilarious.

No, I didn’t say anything. 😉

Kate out.

10 Truths and 2 Lies

Hey, reader peeps!

I know it’s been a while. Life happened. Not quite a curve ball or a lemon, but something big and drastic enough that I’m trying to figure out where and how writing and blogging and other things fit in.

I saw a cool idea for a post on Nadine Brandes’ blog. She did a post where she listed 10 truths and 2 lies about herself and the readers are supposed to guess which things are the lies.

And since I have gotten new followers and have some old ones who probably don’t know everything… I’m going to do the same.

So, guess away! I’ll post the answers next week.

  1. I want a black cat.
  2. I don’t like honey.
  3. If I could pick a super power, I would choose flying.
  4.  I don’t like Twenty-One Pilots.
  5. One of my dream jobs is writing for Disney.
  6. I love the Throne of Glass series.
  7. I want to dye my hair blue.
  8. I am learning German.
  9. I have written a rap.
  10. I have never been stung by a bee, wasp, hornet, etc.

Let me know your guesses in the comments!

Kate out.

An Emoji Story

I have honestly no idea how to introduce this.

All you need to know is that I found the “Change Emoji” feature in Messenger and Liam and I had fun with it.

You set the emoji to 🐇.
Plot bunnies.
Liam set the emoji to 🚀.
No, we can’t do the rocket. Lily and I have the rocket.
Liam set the emoji to 👽.
The rockets found an alien!
It only took eight of them!
You set the emoji to 🍕.
The alien likes pizza.
Liam set the emoji to 😓.
But it gives the alien a fever.
It turns yellow.
It’s the yellow fever.
You set the emoji to 💊.
Alien takes medicine.
You set the emoji to 💀.
It doesn’t work.
You set the emoji to 👾.
I don’t know what this emoji is. A different alien?
A purple spider?
A purple spider comes to help, his foreclaws washed and ready for medical use!
Liam set the emoji to 👀.
He looks for the cause…
Liam set the emoji to 💩.
It’s smiling back at him!
Liam set the emoji to 😳.
(Oh I thought maybe that was the spider’s comment…)
How embarrassing, says the fevered alien.
Liam set the emoji to 😱.
The purple spider is shocked into changing color. It isn’t a spider after all, but an impostor octopus!
You set the emoji to 😱.
You set the emoji to 🚓.
The alien has been trusting his health to an imposctopus? Impossctible!
The authorities arrive…
Liam set the emoji to 💩.
We can’t help with that! They say.
Liam set the emoji to 🔥.
The smell of burning rubber follows as they leave.
You set the emoji to 👽.
The alien begins to realize that this might be the end…
Liam set the emoji to 🍻.
He has one last glass of his favorite drink…
Cream soda
Okay, he indulges and has two. Lower belly fat be darned.
Liam set the emoji to 💖.
What’s this?
His heart beating stronger?
Liam set the emoji to 💪.
His arms feeling big again?
Liam set the emoji to 🎶.
His voice restored to the dulcet tones he enjoyed in the Alien State Boys Choir that won seven galactic competitions in a row?
(He wasn’t in the choir when they won, but still.)
Liam set the emoji to 😁.
He could be on the road to recovery, though he is but yellow!
Liam set the emoji to 🐫.
A camel walked into his hospital room.
Behold! Said the camel. I have two humps but I used to have three.
(Good because what about the impostopus?)
(Is this the three humped camel joke?)
The third was this imposctopus you see before you practicing illegal medicine!
His license is long expired, and it was issued in New Jersey anyway, so it was never worth much.
Liam set the emoji to 🔫.
It’s time to put an end to this imposctopus!
You set the emoji to 🙊.
(Says the camel)
Oh no! Scream onlookers.
Liam set the emoji to 👀.
The bullet is fired!
You set the emoji to 😰.
You set the emoji to 💔.
Everyone watches, unable to turn away, as the mother camel attempts to slay her imposctopus son!
Liam set the emoji to 💀.
It hits the newly cured alien instead.
The alien dies instantly.
You set the emoji to 🙈.
Liam set the emoji to 💃.
The imposctopus went on to have a fulfilling career in the radio city rockettes.
You set the emoji to 👽.
The alien is mourned.
You set the emoji to 😱.
The Alien State Boys Choir is brought in to sing at their alum’s funeral.
(no he wasn’t in the choir)
(now i’m just confused)
You set the emoji to 👸.
The Queen is there.
(The aliens say “Boys” but actually mean ungendered creatures with high yet non-feminine voices.)
(The alien was in the choir, but not at the time they won, and not in years.)
Liam set the emoji to 👶.
The royal baby is there.
Onlookers say he is large than life.
You set the emoji to 👰.
“Do you sing at weddings?”
Liam set the emoji to 👽.
“Only when uninvited.”
You set the emoji to 👾.
No, for that is not the imposctopus!
That is the true purple spider the imposctopus was posing as!
“We apologize for this breach of security.”
“The imposctopus will die for his heresy.”
“As will you for witnessing it.”
Liam set the emoji to 💀.
Liam set the emoji to 😡.
A red sun rises.
You set the emoji to 😳.
Blood has been spilled this night.
An event reminder was set.
The event reminder was named to Blood has been spilled.
Event reminder, Blood has been spilled at 11:07 PM.
You set the emoji to ⛪.
There’s not a graveyard emoji. This is the church with the funerals.
Most of the aliens were of this denomination, I think.
But while they mourn, they do not know how their loved ones died.
It’s safe to say.
Liam set the emoji to 👀.
Let the reader see.
Liam set the emoji to 👂.
Let the hearer hear.
Liam set the emoji to 👃.
And let the sniffer, smell.
For only one lives who yet knows the tale.
Only one lives who can tell those who follow after.
Only one, whose smell is like no other.
Liam set the emoji to 💩.
The chocolate pudding.
The End?
Liam set the emoji to 👍.
You set the emoji to 👏.
And the same to you.
thank you.
I hope you’re saving this.
Make it your next blog post!

Yeah, we’re nuts. But we enjoyed it, even if you don’t.

Kate out.

Perfect Date, Round Two– Hunter Jackson

Hi, reader-peeps!

A few Twitter friends and I came up with the idea to do a few Valentine’s Day posts with our characters. Keep an eye out for another post in a few days!

I’m doing another Perfect Date post. This time, I’m doing a character from LASER, an old project.



I actually have a picture this time.


Hunter Xavier Jackson.

Hunter: Did you have to put my middle name in that?

You’re the one who wanted to do this.

Hunter: Point. Just… don’t make this worse.

How does he look? Eyes, hair, any tattoos or scars. What’s his style?

Hunter is 5’11”, with dark hair and his eyes are blue, but so dark that they look black. He has a bunch of scars, but they are small and mostly insignificant scratches from animal claws.

His style is casual, but he has been known to rock a leather jacket every now and then.

Hunter: And I look good in it!

What kind of music? What kind of food?

Hunter: These days, I like Twenty-One Pilots. I don’t listen to much else.

As for food, his favorite is cheeseburgers, hold the onions. But he’ll eat anything.

Hunter: Except onions.

What’s his family like?

Hunter: Do I have to answer this question?

Hunter’s family is… broken. His older sister is dead. His parents are divorced. His dad is an extreme activist.

Hunter: My grandma is okay, though. She’s nice.

Why he would be a great date?

Hunter wants his girl to have a good time. He’s also willing to protect her at all costs.

Hunter: *cough* Not that there would be a need for protection on a date…


Things he values:

Loyalty. Hunter is loyal to the very core. No cheating here. He’ll start an apocalypse for you.

Hunter: Katie, do you think apocalypse is the right word to use here…?

What he would do for a first date?

Hunter would take you out to dinner. And then he’d take you stargazing.

Hunter: There’s are mountains where I live and we would go to the top of one and drink hot chocolate and just watch the stars for hours.

Looking for long term relationship or just a quick date?

Hunter looks for long term.

We’ve had our pros, what are the cons?

As we said earlier, Hunter is very loyal. But it’s loyalty to a fault.

Hunter: That’s in the past.


also, he’s a werewolf

Hunter: MOVING ON.

flowers , chocolate, or promises he doesn’t intend to keep?

Flowers and chocolate and whatever else will make his girl happy.

Hunter: Absolutely!


And that’s Hunter! And if Hunter or Cloud isn’t right for you, check out the Perfect Dates Kate, Wendy, Olivia, and Jameson advertised!

And feel free to take this tag and do it yourself! Just use the banner and leave a link to your post in the comments!

~Kate out!

Perfect Date Tag– Matthew Cloud

Hi, reader-peeps!

I have a special post today.

A few Twitter friends and I came up with the idea to do a few Valentine’s Day posts with our characters. Keep an eye out for another post in a few days!

Today I’m doing a Perfect Date post, advertising why this character would be such a good date. This character is from my WIP, Dragon Races.




Matthew Cole Cloud. He goes by Cloud or occasionally Matt or Matthew.

How does he look? Eyes, hair, any tattoos or scars. What’s his style?

Cloud is 23 and he’s 6’1″.  He has messy blond hair, blue eyes, and he has a couple of burn scars because he is a dragon racer. His style is casual– jeans, baseball shirt, sneakers, though he would dress up a little for a date.

What kind of music? What kind of food?

Cloud likes just about any kind of music, but he is secretly a huge fan of musicals. His favorite is Hamilton.

Cloud doesn’t have a favorite food. He’ll eat about anything.

What’s his family like?

Cloud’s family is… dead. His mom died when he was little. His dad remarried and then he died later. And then Cloud’s step-mom was bad. It was a Cinderella-story, really, without the fairy godmother.

Why he would be a great date?

Despite the fact that Cloud is a bit egotistic at times, he is really sweet and would want to make sure his date was always happy.

Things he values:

Time. He doesn’t want to waste a minute of his life and wants to live to the fullest. He also values honesty.

What he would do for a first date?

Going out for a coffee or lunch is his idea of a good first date. It’s a safe, no pressure thing that doesn’t even have to be called a date.

Looking for long term relationship or just a quick date?

Cloud wants long term relationship, but doesn’t want to commit until he knows his date well. He doesn’t want to make the same mistake his dad did when he married Cloud’s step-mom but hardly knew her.

We’ve had our pros, what are the cons?

Cloud milks his Cinderella backstory for all the fame he can. He is constantly in media, including tabloids. If you date him, you’d be in the media, too.

Flowers , chocolate, or promises he doesn’t intend to keep?

Flowers to start. Chocolate would come later in the relationship. And promises wouldn’t be made at all– Cloud knows that promises can’t always be kept, but he wants to do everything he can to be truthful and honorable.

I have no photo of Cloud, but I have a cute song and if Cloud could write songs, he’d write a similar one.

And that’s Cloud. What do you think? Good date? If you want to do this tag, please do! Use the banner and comment with a link to your post!

~Kate out