My Creations

This is a page with blurbs of the books I’ve written or am writing, at least the ones that get mentioned here on the blog.



The last thing Isabella wants right now is a boyfriend.

It’s not like she has time for one, anyway. She is an apprentice for LASER, an organization that protects the human race from creatures of myth and legend. What Isabella does want is a promotion and if she can figure out the cause of the surge in werewolf attacks, she just might get it.

Except she finds competition in Nick Elliot. Suddenly, he is everywhere. He beats Isabella to an investigation and he bests her in weapons training. He is an arrogant show-off. Supposedly, he is even fluent in French, the one school subject Isabella is failing. Even so, Isabella’s friend Riley insists that Isabella and Nick are perfect for each other. That’s impossible for Isabella to imagine, and besides, she doesn’t want a boyfriend.

When her plan fails, Isabella loses her best friends one by one. She betrayed their trust and now they are gone. All except Nick. But can Isabella trust him? And can they figure out what is going on with the werewolves before it’s too late?



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