Thoughts on Vlogging: An Behind the Scenes Look

Hi, reader-peeps.

This isn’t just a link to my newest video (though here it is, if you want to watch it).

This is some thoughts on vlogging in the few weeks I’ve been doing it.

So, if you watch the video above, you notice that it has some weird audio/video bits where the video pauses but the sound keeps going. And I honestly have no idea what caused that. Something happened in editing that causes the video to do that.

I honestly did not anticipate or realize all the hard work that went into not only filming a vlog, but also planning and writing and editing and uploading a vlog.

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Let me take you through a little step by step of what I generally do for the vlogging stuff.

  1. Have an idea. I need to have an idea before I turn that camera on.
  2. Write a script. This step is actually entirely optional. I sometimes write down what I’m thinking to get my thoughts down and a general idea, but I found that reading from a script makes it really awkward. So my script is actually more of an outline and I absolutely do deviate from it.
  3. Actually film the thing. This is several clips and several takes and me getting distracted by the potato trucks going down the road as I film. This is me starting it and then realizing that my camera angle is really bad or what I just said actually sounds like an innuendo or I just trip over my words a lot. So I take a second to recollect myself and possibly restart the camera and then go again.
  4. Import stuff onto my computer and into folders. I like to keep things neat and know where the clips for a certain video is. It saves so much time.
  5. Edit. Editing video is perhaps the most interesting and the worst step of this process. This is the part where I realize I took a tangent that wasn’t necessary, my hair looks awful, and I licked my lips in one weird spot and I’m not sure I can actually edit it out. This is the part when I’m reminded how much I hate my own voice and I have to watch this video a million times to make sure all of it is right. And yet, this is also a step I love. This is where everything comes together, where everything becomes maybe not quite the perfect video I imagined, but the one I’m making for myself and for fun. It turns out fun even if the video is amateur. I’m not good at editing yet, but I hope that time and experience will teach me.
  6. Exporting and Uploading. The part that is mostly my computer and not me. I add video description and an endcard and choose the thumbnail, but most of this is me waiting on my computer to do its job.
  7. Plan the next video. The cycle starts all over again. I try to do this every single week.

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That’s my process and honestly, it’s not that different from noveling, except that I can novel with other people in the room and I can’t film unless I’m alone. Vlogs are just another creative outlet.

One very important thing I’ve learned in this is not to obsess about numbers. Yes, I’d love to be a famous YouTuber but even the famous ones started small. And if I’m constantly obsessing over how many views each video has, I’m not going to be happy. I’m probably actually going to be very discouraged.

☆~Ella birak~☆

The only number that matters to me is One. If there is one person who watches my videos and enjoys them, I’m going to keep making them. Even if that one person is me.

Resultado de imagen para septiplier gifs

Now, this doesn’t mean don’t advertise and market and I’m still trying to figure out how exactly to do that without coming off as annoying or cheesy. But this is a learning process and I love it. I would jump on the chance to do this professionally.

Anyone else a vlogger? What does your process look like? Tell me all the things in the comments!

Kate out.


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