Running Part 2

The other day, I posted about running, how I started running and was enjoying it and was wondering if elliptical miles are equivalent to ground miles.

On Saturday, I ran one mile in twenty minutes, less than half of what I can do on the elliptical. I walked that last quarter mile.  And that running makes me feel very breathing, much ow. I’m still sore on Tuesday.

BUT I RAN A MILE!!! Well, walked some of it, but I did it! And now I have a goal to work toward. Emotionally, I felt ready to take on the world.

On the other hand, though, I’m not particularly looking forward to running outside and being sore again. My excitement about running has faded a bit, probably because I skipped a few days because, guess what, I’m sore!

So, here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m not going to run for the rest of this week, or at least until Saturday. I think I’m going to do yoga instead or just forget it because it’s VBS week and Vacation Bible School tends to wear me out anyway. It’s plenty of exercise, I think.

Next week, I will reevaluate. Figure out running days, figure out elliptical days, figure out other exercise days. Nothing super strict, since I have no desire whatsoever to run in the rain (and we got a flash hail storm yesterday so…).

Thank you to everyone who encourages me in this. Encouragement really helps and means a lot.

Short post today, but hopefully soon there will be a longer post, maybe even one about writing because hey this is a writing blog… i think. 

Kate out.


2 thoughts on “Running Part 2

  1. You go girl! I’m impressed with anyone who gets out there and does exercise (especially in this world where all the Young, Geekish People seem to think exercise is the equivalent to the Black Death. Goodness, I sound like a grandmother). I’ve been thinking about exercising for a month, and haven’t really gotten started yet… Today is the day, I think. It’s great that you have a goal to work toward. I think my goal (at least for today) will be to do some ab workouts from a Youtube video that I found. I can do it! You can do it! Exercise! Yeah! (And have fun with your VBS. They’re always so much fun 🙂 )

  2. Yay Katie! *\o/* It’s good to have a plan and it’s good that you’re planning on variety. Definitely remember to use different muscle groups though because otherwise you kill those muscles you’re trying to help grow. There’s a reason for “leg day” then “arm day”… 🙂

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