Camp Update: The Final Result

Hiya, reader-peeps.

How to Train your Dragon

On May 1st, I finished Camp NaNo for April 2017.

Hiccup looking very fieresome and sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More accurately, I finished the story I was working on for Camp. I didn’t meet my word goal, but I did finish a novella of 11k words, entitled The Glitter Syndicate.

rtte hiccup and astrid dancing - Αναζήτηση Google

It’s certainly not a perfect story, as no first draft is, but I am happy with it and it feels good to have finished a story since writing Magic Teacups.

Who wants a synopsis and snippets?


When Em, the youngest princess of her family, wants to more than a political pawn, she leaves her home to live with her disowned, wizard in training uncle. Her uncle uses the rooms of his falling down manor for tenants and magic practice. He isn’t good at magic, so the magic within the rooms had become messy and tangled up. Em is kidnapped by a person made of magic who wants to steal her magic. But Em doesn’t have magic that she knows of. Now she has to escape this madman and discover the truth about the magic everyone says she has. Being an independent adult is a lot harder than she thought it would be.


Snippet 1:

December Teresa Pearl Elia of the House of Winterbrook in the kingdom of Gloriana was no longer a princess. She was still stuck with her very long name, but since she rarely used it and usually just went by Em, she felt she could handle it.

She hadn’t expected to suddenly not be a princess, though. And the moment she stepped outside the palace walls, she didn’t feel any different. She still felt sad about the argument and shocked that it had come to her leaving home. She still felt her fake confidence and smile to the world, not letting anyone know that there was anything wrong.

If there was anything that felt new and strange, it was that she actually had no idea how to get to where she was going. She couldn’t turn around and ask for a ride to her uncle’s manor. That seemed like a literal step backwards. What was that one thing common people did in movies when they wanted a ride? Whistle? Shout “Taxidermy?”

No, not taxidermy. Taxi. Those strange yellow cars that took people places. Those were taxis.

Snippet 2: 

One sob escaped Em’s throat before the piano upstairs started playing. An appropriately tragic tune. Like a soundtrack to her current feeling. Which was a bit unsettling.

Then the tune abruptly changed. It sounded like Uptown Funk smushed with Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Em cringed. It made Em no longer feel like crying, but made her feel like smashing that piano.

Snippet 3:

“Oh! And that’s Piper,” he said, pointing to the ferret. “She plays the saxophone and she’s learning the cello, but she hates practicing.”


“And I’m Gabriel, but no one calls me that twice and lives to tell the tale. Gabe is just fine. And before you ask, no I do not play the trumpet, that would be far too stereotypical of me. I do play the accordion and the English horn and if you ask nicely, I will play the bagpipes but I will not wear a kilt while doing it. Well, I might. Depends on my mood that day. But mostly not.”

Snippet 4:

“Anyway, the way the magic works is that I practice the magic and it’s not very good and it messes up,” Uncle Ashford continued. “I try to untangle it, when I have the time, but it’s a real mess and I’m just not that good of a magician. So, I bring in people to help. These people tend to end up becoming my tenants.” He gestured to the four people sitting at the table.

“That’s Mo,” he began. “She’s a doctor, who specializes in magic. And that’s Claudius,” he said pointing to the Jedi. “He’s a time traveling alchemist who happened to be in the area recently.”

He pointed to a young teenager, who was reading a comic. “That’s Bartholomew. He’s a vampire and a computer genius.” The boy looked up and gave Em a pointy grin covered in braces.

“And that,” Uncle Ashford said, pointing to pile of opaque green slime, “is Ms. Whatsit. She’s a shapeshifter. That is her natural form, by the way.”

The pile of slime bubbled. Claudius translated, “She says lovely to meet you and that you should join her for tea someday.”

Em smiled and nodded, though she had no idea how slime could be capable of drinking tea. Or having a gender, for that matter.


And that’s it! How did Camp go for you, peeps? Let me know in the comments!

Kate (and Hiccup) out.

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