Answers to the 10 questions and 2 Lies Game.

Hey reader peeps!

So, last week, I posted a post with eight truths and two lies about myself (yes, I did the math wrong, shush), inviting you all to guess which were the lies.

Most of you guessed that number 6 was a lie. That is indeed one of them. I haven’t read Throne of Glass and I don’t really plan to. I tried it and it’s not my cup of tea.

The other lie is….

Number 3.

I am scared of heights, so flying is not going to be a preference, probably.

Feel free to question the truths in the comments and I will explain them.

Only I one of you guessed both lies. And I’m this guy’s arch nemesis, so I find this concerning, reader peeps!

Congratulations, Matthew. There’s not really a prize for this, but I could send you one if you promise to open it immediately after it stops ticking.

Kate out.


One thought on “Answers to the 10 questions and 2 Lies Game.

  1. How did I not catch that you wrote 10 truths and 2 lies and only posted 10 total? 😛

    Also, Matt’s clever trick of looking up ToG on Goodreads was, well, clever.

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