Captain’s Log; Stardate: 1-1-2017

Happy New Year!

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I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions.

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It makes me a bit anxious to plan a whole year ahead. The future can be intimidating sometimes. I prefer taking life one day at a time.

That being said, I like to have things to look forward to and stuff I want to do. For example, I would like to go to Chapter One Con again and this time, all my bestest friends are planning to come to, two of which I’ve never met before outside of the internet because they live so far away.

So, here’s a list of things I would like to do this year. This is just a general list of stuff/goals I’m really looking forward to, no pressure on me and no scary “what ifs” in my head.

  1. I want to write. I want to finish this current novel (which is brand new and I have a really good feeling about this one). This goal is kind of a given. I’m not going to quit writing any time soon.
  2. I want to get my driver’s license. I want to learn how to drive safely and get all the hours I need and then drive me and other people places.
  3. I want a job. I want to put in applications at the various libraries within commuting distance and pray one of them hires me. If I can’t get a library job, I’ll do something else, but I would ultimately love to work at a library.
  4. I want to become more excited about God and the Bible and church. I used to be excited about all this. I want to go back to excitement like that and let that excitement grow.
  5. I want to pray more.
  6. I want to blog more. I realize that I let go of blogging a bit this past year and somehow I now have three blogs I contribute to, two of which I am admin? This blog is still my favorite and I need to be blogging more here. The one I am not admin of (YAvengers) only requires one or two posts a month from me and my Bible BlogΒ could be the same. But I need to be blogging at least once or twice a week here. And I need to get back to replying to comments (I am so sorry, reader-peeps).
  7. I want to read 30 books. That is my official goodreads goal so thirty books I shall read. I “officially” read 32 in 2016.
  8. I want to query. I think I say this every year? As I said earlier, I have a really good feeling about the novel I’m working on now. Or I may edit and query Magic Teacups. Or I may write a short story and query that. Who knows?

This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start and I think it’s plenty to work with for now.

What are your want-to-dos for 2017? Happy 2017 to you all!

Kate out.


11 thoughts on “Captain’s Log; Stardate: 1-1-2017

  1. Those are great to-dos! I have a “resolutions” post, but it’s basically vague and there’s nothing to it, because my goal for this year is basically (a) survive college and (b) write more than I did last year, with emphasis on the first one.

  2. If you want to get more excited about God and Christianity then check out Ravi Zacharias, Jason Lisle, and the apologetic movement. Not much is more exciting knowing your faith is backed up by logic and science.

  3. Lovely non-resolutions, dear! I am admittedly not super excited about Ch1Con itself (although I’m sure it will be cool and fun)…I would be excited about going to a potato farmers’ conference if it meant I got to meet you all. πŸ˜›

    If you need any encouragement, ideas, advice, or a listening ear about work and driving, you know who to come to. πŸ™‚

  4. Ooh these are excellent goals! I never give myself too many goals either…and actually I never give myself goals that take TOO much effort because #amlazy.πŸ˜‚ (Shh I know I’m a shameful fish.) But reading and writing are definitely on my goals list!! And YAY that you’ll be posting more. I look forward to reading all your wonderful things. πŸ™‚ And hearing about how you go with querying. Eeep, so much excite!

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