A Quick Look Back

I just looked at my writerly resolutions post from last year.

I had two goals to finish by the end of the year. Well, two and a half.

The first one and a half was to finish editing LASER and query it. 

Done. Except the querying part. But I realized that this book is not ready and it may never be. And I spent the second half of this year learning to be okay with that.

LASER is like fanfic to me. That is how I am choosing to look at it. It is fanfic of my own created world, but it is still fan fiction. I have no current plans to overhaul it. I’m not counting it as canon yet, either.

But I did finish editing it.

The other goal was to write a new story and possibly finish the first draft.

And I did do that. I wrote Magic Teacups.

Working title.

And I really like this story. It’s far from perfect but my writing is getting better. And those two things are what matter right now.

Kate out.


4 thoughts on “A Quick Look Back

  1. Magic Teacups is an awesome title I might sneakily whisper. ;D But it also makes me want tea which also makes me want cake SO I BLAME YOU FOR THAT. But yay that you still accomplished a lot towards your goals!! And I totally understand the feel of realising a book might not be ready to ever be published. I had that too with an ice dragon book I wrote this year. I haven’t 100% given up on it, but it probably will go that way… but any writing is good practise for more writing, eh?! *gives you cake for your achievements*

    • Aww THANK YOU QUEEN CAIT! Writing is absolutely good practice for writing (and if you ever want someone to read the ice dragon book, critique or not, I volunteer as Tribute to have my soul eaten by this book!!! XD).
      *shares cake with you*

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