I sit at a library desk.

I have my laptop, two notebooks, three library books, my bag, and an empty coffee cup.

The laptop is on. I listen to the “Epic Gaming”playlist on Spotify (that Game of Thrones piece was nearly ten minutes long!), trying to start my new story.

My new story is a mystery. I’ve written nearly a page off it. It’s starting off handwritten, in an empty notebook I’ve had for a few years. I was waiting for the right story to go into it.

My other notebook holds part of my planning for this story, while my computer holds the other notes and outlines.

Are the library books necessary for my writing? Probably not. At least not sitting there unopened. But they are necessary for my sanity. I’m looking forward to Ruin and Rising.

The coffee cup is from a coffee shop across the street from the library. The coffee shop felt very hipster and writing atmosphere to me. Coffee and tea and baked goods written down on chalk boards. WiFi password on a sign on the counter. People with coffee and open laptops everywhere. I’ve been informed it’s Finals Week but there was one person I passed who very well could’ve been writing and not studying.

I ordered a Tuxedo Mocha (white and dark chocolate) with peppermint syrup. It really didn’t taste all that minty but it was delicious.

From the window I sit beside, I can see the snow. Soft, fluffy flakes that are picturesque. Something out of a fantasy. Across the street are two buildings: a pizzaria and a place called Pygmalions.

Note that there is no apostrophe in “Pygmalions”. It does not belong to a Pygmalion. (Or if it does, they do not have proper grammar.)

The sign says they sell art supplies.


Inside the building, I sit just behind the YA section and graphic novels. I’m not far from the magazines.

My best friend sits at the front desk, helping people find the books they need.

I’m about to pack up and have lunch. Then I’ll come back to the words.

Honestly, this place is nearly paradise.



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