NaNoWriMo Update: This… Isn’t Going to Work

Hi, reader-peeps.

NaNo is going pretty well. Except for one teeny, weeny little detail.

I am 10,000 words behind.

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Which… is this really a problem?

Yes, I could catch up. It will involve lots of writing (just over 2K a day). Last November, I fell behind on day 10, changed novels on day 13, finally got caught up on about day 27. So, yes, I am capable of catching up.

But the story is going well! Slow but well. Really well, in fact. Yeah, not perfect, but I like it.

So… is it worth trying to catch up and “finish” NaNo?

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I really feel like I could win. And if I decide not to shoot for 50K, I will still use NaNo as positive peer pressure (there has got to be a better way to put that, but what else would you call it? You have Thousands of People all writing together, encouraging each other to do the same.).

But is it worth the risk of possibly coming up with a story I don’t love (which happened last year) to try to “finish” NaNo?

And how do I write 2K a day?

Image result for jack sparrow gifsKate out.


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update: This… Isn’t Going to Work

  1. I’d say do your best to try to catch up – translation, shoot ahead. Just go for what you can do. Yeah, the peer pressure – even though we’re all cheering for each other – feels really big. I stopped comparing myself to the accomplishments of the people in my buddy list about 3 days ago. There are many good reasons I am where I am – I’m a parent, I have chores and errands and other responsibilities than just writing for 12 hours a day. If I manage to do more than my average, awesome. If I fall a little short, hey, at least I still moved forward.

    So, go for it. Stick with your original plan. Just see how far you can get. Don’t base your pressure on how you think others are doing. Be you.

    Vicarious mom out. 😉

  2. Eeep, that is a hard question! I hope you decide what you want to do! I am such a competitive beast that I’d force myself to win even if they weren’t “good” words.😂 But you do what’s best for you and your smol child (aka your book…but it is your smol child too).

  3. As someone who is also 10k behind and 100% positive catching up is impossible, maybe my opinion isn’t as useful, but I wouldn’t really push for catching up all that hard. I mean, if going at it slow is working for you, and you’re loving your story, then why would you need to go faster? I know, too, how hard it is to write a story you aren’t absolutely passionate about, so I wouldn’t risk it.

    If you do decide to try to catch up, though, I’m sure you could do it, and splendidly, too.

    As for me, I’m 10k behind and most days I can’t even manage 1k (today I haven’t even managed 200), and since the last week of NaNoWriMo is also the week directly before finals… I’m not worried about getting the 50k; I just want to write.

    Anyway, good luck with deciding between the two!

    ~ Shim

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