Meeting My Favorite Author

Hey, reader-peeps!

So, two weeks ago, I got to meet my favorite author.



Honestly, I’m about fangirling too hard to write a coherent and good post about this (and that’s part of the reason it took nearly two weeks to get a post out). This experience was surreal and I wish it wasn’t over.

I got a Maggie Stiefvater facepalm picture.

(I don’t think she was actually facepalming. I was just lucky enough to get a picture at the time.)

So what happened?

I made her a bracelet the night before. Because she likes bracelets from fans and wears them until they fall off.



The day of the signing, we (me, my mom, and my dad) leave for Chicago. We got to Anderson’s Bookstore (same beautiful bookstore that I met Brandon Sanderson at last year). I pick up my copy of The Raven King and the signing line ticket.


Dad got a picture of Maggie’s car.

2016-05-10 18.09.40

A while later, Maggie came out and promptly climbed on top of the table, as she is known to do. And she kicked the sign off the table.

Anyone who has read Maggie’s books knows that Maggie is an amazing storyteller. She’s also an amazing oral storyteller. She told us several anecdotes, most of which were centered around “What does an average work day for you look like?” She told us about getting her favorite sunglasses smashed by a goat and writing while on an airplane and going to Wales with her family and why she is not a commission portrait artist anymore (it involved an ugly baby). She told us that her characters are not originals, but pieces of them are stolen from other people. She told us her favorite scenes to write from The Raven Boys (Vague to avoid spoilers: a scene in which Blue and Gansey find a wallet and the recognize the face inside and the scene at Adam’s trailer when Ronan comes back).

Then, the signing line. It happened quickly. I gave her the bracelet, told her my favorite book of The Raven Cycle (the first one) and she asked if I was a person who generally liked the first book of a series. I am actually. She told me she tends to like the last books and loves the feeling of finishing a really good series and then just wandering around the house aimlessly (I know I’ve felt that– anyone else?).

Then I signed her car cover that she’s been having everyone sign and then we left the store.

And I felt like I just finished a really good series and was wandering around aimlessly.

I did get a picture beside her car, though.

2016-05-10 21.10.25
This car is so cool and I’m not that much of a car person.

So that’s about it. We got pizza for dinner and we went home.

I took pictures and nearly two weeks to write this post.



I also have convinced my mother to buy The Raven Boys. So that will be interesting.

So! What have you guys been up to lately? And if you haven’t read something by Maggie Stiefvater, you need to. Seriously. Go. Now. Do it.

And if anyone sees a video of this event, I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know.

Go carpe the heck out of your diems! (And read Maggie Stiefvater.)


3 thoughts on “Meeting My Favorite Author

  1. THIS POST IS THE BEST AHHHHHHH. *flails with excitement for you* Congrats on getting to meet the MOST AWESOME AUTHOR EVER. *hyperventilates* And I’m loving that gif of her standing on the table. Omg. She sounds like such an interesting (slightly daunting?!) person.😂 And TRK is signed and fajdskalfd this is so exciting for you!!! YAY!!

    • THANK YOU!!!! 😀 She is extremely interesting! Daunting in that she stands on tables, but not really more than that. I aspire to be like this woman because she is awesome!!!

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