There and Back Again– An Author’s Tale

This is years later, but look, he's still wearing his leaf. His children probably never saw him without it. When they asked him about it he would tell them about the fantastic adventure that saved middle earth. He would tell them of the group of adventurers who entered into the adventure of a million lifetimes. He would tell them of the brave men who saved their lives, and all the great heroes who finally brought peace. But he never told them how a simple hobbit gardener made it possible.
I’m back.



There might be a few Nazgul around. Three weeks without posting accumulates all kinds of dust and creatures.

So. I have some exciting news.

My novel basically did this to me:

Introverts lol:

And in the last three weeks, I have gotten some stuff done. Remember when I said I needed to not be distracted and needed to focus on something? Here’s what I focused on:

Number One is probably the best news.


(Actual footage of me at a middle school dance). | This Is What Happens When You Wear Heels Every Day For One Week

The story is there. The story is there! And it’s almost in one piece! The structure is sound and the characters have lives and EEEEEEP!!!!

Number Two: I jumped into micro-edits pretty much immediately.


And I’m up to Chapter… 10.

Which means that I may be (and probably will be done) editing before June.

So… reader-peeps who offered to beta, when is the earliest you’d be able to beta read?

If you had heard only a quarter of what I have heard about him, and I have heard very little of all there is to hear, you would be prepared for any sort of remarkable tale.:

Number Three: I have been sending chapters to my mom and Miss Amanda Fischer as I get done with them. So, quick shout out to them for being lovely betas and helping me work consistently!

This is the happiest meme I've ever seen. Clapping, smiling, Hobbits :)

Number Four: I pitched LASER in a pitch contest.

Winner of the pitch contest will be introduced to an agent that the contest hosts think would be a good fit. Finalists are randomly chosen, however, so…

My view on life:

And that’s about it.

I want to watch LoTR now. But I might settle for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Trust me. You want to watch this video. Or at least listen to it.


12 thoughts on “There and Back Again– An Author’s Tale

  1. Very good summary, m’dear! And…I…am a miss? ;P

    I understand about the finalists being randomly chosen, but man, that seems…well…random. No kidding, Amanda. Anyway, best wishes for that!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS THAT’S EPIC!!!! Having macroedits done must feel so good!

    I’d love to beta read, but my availability begins at precisely the time my flight from Copenhagen lands in Chicago on May 30th. So that may be too late for you if you continue at your speedy pace?

    • THANK YOU!!!!

      I’ve been thinking about deadlines and such. I probably will be done closer to June. But I’ll be sure to let you and the other betas know for certain. 🙂


    As for when I can beta-read… I’m a little late in responding to this, but I can probably start whenever you need me to. My schedule is pretty consistent week by week and I don’t expect it to change much in the future, so yeah.

    • THANK YOU!

      No particular date is set yet. I’ve decided I want to actually do one more quick pass before I give it to betas, so it probably will be closer to June, as originally planned.

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