Working But Not Writing

Hi, reader-peeps.

So, today’s post is going to be a little different. Less about writing and more about procrastinating. Or cleaning. However you want to look at it.

This morning, I was editing. I was writing a new scene and realized that something had gone terribly wrong. It’s not unfixable and it’s just the beginning of one scene, but it is annoying to the nth degree.

So, I decided that instead of making myself write, I gave myself some slack and I am not going to work on LASER for the rest of the day or at least until I am putting my littlest sister to bed tonight. Because I have kept a pretty consistent writing every day thing for a while, this is not such a big deal. I mean, who here seriously writes every single day?

No hands?

I thought so. Besides, one day off is not a big deal and it would probably be good for me to recharge a bit.

But this leaves me with the dilemma of what do I do for the rest of the day.

I could work on another writing project. But I think I found something I actually want to do more than that.

I want to clean my room.

Cleaning my room has never been an easy task. I’ve shared a room for more of my life than I haven’t. I now share a room with five of my six sisters. And most of the mess in my room is not mine.

But, to be honest with you, my room is getting scary messy and my own area of my room, the part with my bed, desk, bookshelf, and hope chest, is cluttered and messy.

How on earth did I manage to want to clean my room instead of write?

Let’s start with the fact that I am really frustrated with LASER and cleaning sounds more fun than starting a new project and my room would be less of a source of stress if it were cleaner. Also, I found an interesting way to clean efficiently without overwhelming myself.

This morning, I found myself watching a video about 10 ways to make a morning routine easier. Then I saw a video by the same woman on how to clean your house in ten minutes (you know, the thing where a friend is ten minutes from your house and just called to say they were dropping in cleaning). The first step of this house-cleaning method involved gathering up things into a laundry basket and then hiding the laundry baskets.

I hope the woman eventually put away the contents of these baskets.

But this basket method got me thinking.

I am the kind of person who likes to see progress being made and I hate wandering around a room picking up things. I am an advocate of the pile method, in which you get every last thing in the room (not the furniture, obviously) and push it into a pile and then sort the pile into smaller piles and the put the smaller piles away. If the area you are cleaning is bad enough, you may have to stop and put away smaller piles a few times before you are done. But eventually, you will have everything picked up and put away where it goes. Now, a few of my family members do not like this method because they say you are handling things an extra time when you put them in the pile and supposedly it takes longer. Not that any of us have ever timed it. But I like to see that I am making progress. I like to be able to see my work and say “Why, yes, my room does look better!” And this is one of those times that I say that the end justifies the means.

BUT. If you do not consistently work on this pile of clutter in your room until it is done and put away the small piles, your room will lose it’s progress. Which I guess is true for any method of cleaning, but especially this one.

I offer this solution as a compromise. For those of us that have other things to do during the day and cannot take a whole day cleaning especially.

Get a basket.

Fill the basket from one area in your room.

Put away the stuff in the basket.

Repeat as wanted/needed.

You have made progress in your room. You can hopefully see it. It doesn’t take long, maybe 15 minutes. You can do this multiple times throughout the day, in between the other things you do. It doesn’t feel like you have to tackle the entire room at once. Just a basket. Okay, that wasn’t so bad. Let’s do another.

Best thing is that you don’t have to just do this on the floor. Hang up a basket of nice clothing. Put away the basket of things that were on your dresser. Shelve a basket of books! Organize a basket of dolls! Put dirty laundry in it (after everything else because, then you have a basket of dirty laundry and no more basket)! The possibilities are endless!

Now. I am going to go put away a basket of stuff in my room and I am not going to post this until I have done it.

Okay, now, who has a favorite cleaning method? Any awesome cleaning tips or ways to make cleaning your room enjoyable? Tell me in the comments!


UPDATED TO ADD (JUST BEFORE POSTING): I did it. I cleaned up a basket of stuff from around my desk. Which did fill the basket. And now, I feel better about LASER. I might write before tonight. I guess I just needed a break.


3 thoughts on “Working But Not Writing

  1. This is actually really interesting. Random, but interesting. And I may try that.

    Too bad it can’t work for school…a basket of school would be, um, all of it. All of it would fit in a basket.

  2. When I try to really really clean my room, I gather everything into the world’s biggest pile in the center of the room (or on my bed), and then I tackle it with smaller piles like you said. But then every time, I get tired and bored and stressed and I just want to get rid of that pile (which by now is significantly smaller but still there), so I may or may not just put the pile in a basket/bucket/container and hide it away to tackle some other day.

    I’m not the best at cleaning my room.

    When I try to avoid the giant pile, though. I like to start with either one section of the room at a time, or I take care of what stands out the most. The pile of laundry that’s all neat(ish) and clean and folded but I just have been too lazy to put away, the pile of books on the floor, etc.

    Also, I like to listen to music while I clean. Up-beat music that makes you want to move. I also sometimes tend to sing while cleaning.

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