New Year’s Short Story Challenge 2015–The Results

We came, we wrote, we conquered.

We wrote stories, edited, and published them all within 24-hours (more or less). We proved that, despite time restriction and other obstacles of life, we will finish what we start. We will write.

I present to you, the “winners” of the New Years Eve Short Story Challenge and the stories they wrote. If you can, read the stories and leave a comment.

Lullaby by Shim

Deserter by Lana

How Having Braces Saved the World by Alicia

Ash by Liam

Untitled Short Story by Kim Plasket

Also Untitled Short Story by Turtleberry Press

What Matters More by Anna

Romanian Reds by Amanda

Wings of Ink by Lily

Payphone by Molly

Housesitting by Katie (me)

Well done, everyone who participated.

I will be reading the stories I haven’t gotten to yet very soon.

That happened to me





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