The Editing Diaries–I’M BAAAAAAAACK!!!

Welcome to my series, The Editing Diaries!

In a nutshell, I’m editing my story LASER and bringing you guys along for the ride. I want you to see how my process for editing novels works (and maybe I’ll figure out my process with you). So, buckle your seatbelts, we’re going on a trip!


Hi, Reader-Peeps.

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I’m back to editing.

Which is beautiful and scary as ever.

This is the last comment in the most current draft of LASER:


So, why did I choose to go back to edits now and not write something new?

I decided that I need to go back to the familiar before I go to something new. The prospect of trying something new right now terrified me. Yes, I wrote a story in a month. And… that may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever attempted. Or not. Maybe it’s just not a story that I like enough to pursue and it has nothing to do with the fact I wrote the first draft in a month. But the thought of starting another new story was scary. Don’t worry, I’m sure I won’t be like this forever. I just need to be reassured (by me) that I have written something good.

And I am still so very in love with LASER.

So, now what?

Draft 3.

Which has begun with a list of scenes/plot points so I can kind of figure out what’s missing. I think I have most of my plot skeleton in place. I have a few scenes that are not finished and I’d like to weave in another POV. I remember that I needed to rethink the beginning, but I can’t remember why I thought that…

After I finish scenes and add POVs, I’m not entirely sure what to do.

Read through and make sure everything connects, I think. Make sure I have everyone’s character arcs straightened out. Make sure macro-foreshadowing is done. Make sure all the plotlines and subplots make sense. Make sure my themes kind of run through correctly.

And then it’ll be time for Draft 4. Which might be micro-edits. Which is awesome and amazing to think about.

This really could be my cat Flash...

So. Expect more Editing Diaries posts. And I’m off to go get to work on editing. DFTBA!



4 thoughts on “The Editing Diaries–I’M BAAAAAAAACK!!!

  1. That’s awesome! I decided exactly the opposite—I spent basically every writing moment of 2015 doing editing, and I really, really want to write something new. So I started a new project…yesterday, actually. Heh.

    Good luck, though! Sounds like you’re draft three will be easier than mine will be when I go back to editing. I’m probably going to have to add in a LOT of stuff and completely revamp the beginning. Again. Ugh. Beginnings are hard, it turns out, and apparently it’s also possible to start TOO late in a scene. You know, in late, out early? I think I started too late. There’s no basis for my world at all, and I think it kind of makes the plot seem less significant.

    *looks forward to future editing posts*

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