How’s the Writing Going?

*starts laughing hysterically*

Well, when I said I was going to unleash my inner Elsa this year, I hadn’t quite meant so literally.

I’m getting a lesson in letting things go.


So what happened?

NaNoWriMo started off beautifully. I was ahead of the game for the first five days. And on schedule on the sixth day. Which is the fastest 10K I’ve ever written.

But on day six, my characters threw me a couple of curve balls.

Now, they had been apparently been in a conspiracy about this because I knew something was going on with this story that didn’t feel right.

My prose was terrible (I KNOW THAT PROSE IS A MICRO EDIT but it’s a micro-edit that matters to me), my character’s arcs weren’t coming naturally, and it just felt like climbing uphill while pulling teeth (to combine metaphors).

My characters informed me that I had the wrong MC. Basically by having my MC’s sister be more interesting than the MC.

So, I decided to let it go and let Ash be the MC.

And that was interesting.

It involved love triangles and time travel and my villain and…

That moment when you realize you left your phone at a friends house.
Basically wondering why I sign myself up for  the stress of NaNo every year and should I just back out, even though I wanted to do NaNo.

I wasn’t having fun. I was getting constantly stuck/freezing up. This wasn’t just something I could keep writing through.

I think that my problem is trying to adhere too rigidly to a plot. I am trying to shove pieces into a puzzle that they didn’t go into. I wasn’t letting go.

i built a large snowman that could protect my kingdom, it could hurt all evil. it was invincible since it was made out of ice more than snow
Grit your teeth, don’t look, just write. Bad advice in this case.

So, how am I going to fix this?

I’m going to start over. NaNoReDo.

I got: Elsa! Which Strong Disney Girl Are You?

Still keeping that 13.3K I wrote, though, because two days behind is enough, I don’t need to be behind all the days.

I am going to let the characters have the story they want instead of trying to shove them into a box.

I’m going to let it go.


To my characters:


13 thoughts on “How’s the Writing Going?

  1. I was actually quoting Let it Go to a writing buddy the other day….it actually has literal meaning for my draft because of the whole storms thing I have going on, but it’s also basically the perfect NaNo theme song.

    I had to start over as well, but I think I was at 6k so it wasn’t as huge a deal. Otherwise things are great except for the fact that my computer that I always complain about decided to die on Saturday. I had everything important on a flash drive, though, and we got another laptop, so it should be smooth from here on out…..

  2. NaNoReDo, huh?

    You’re brave, my dear. Very brave. *curtsies before Your Royal Braveness* *may or may not have stolen that Your Royal Somethingness line from a book she’s reading*

  3. Good luck to you!! I hope the restart freshens things up and helps you out! I’ve been SO behind NaNo this year, because I’m not really in a place to be writing a new story — I’ve got too much editing to do, and thought I would do my rewrites as part of NaNo, but *sighs at my minuscule word count* I just haven’t found my momentum yet. But! The month is still young, there is still time!

  4. SO MUCH ELSA AWESOME. ❤ And I think you're spectacularly brave for doing this. XD I've had books where I suddenly realised that they were being like hellionish little demons because I was trying to force them where they didn't want to go. Bleh. It took me over a year to write that book. YEARS, KATIE. And my average is a week. So yeeeeah. You gotta do what you gotta do.
    *starts shrieking LET IT GO from the backseat*

    • THANK YOU!

      I got to the end of the story, sent it to my alpha, and realized that I forgot to wrap up a mystery I had laid out… and I kept forgetting about the dragon in LASER. So, I sympathize with forgetting characters.

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