The Editing Diaries– LASER 2.0 and The Scorpio Races

Welcome to my series, The Editing Diaries!

In a nutshell, I’m editing my story LASER and bringing you guys along for the ride. I want you to see how my process for editing novels works (and maybe I’ll figure out my process with you). So, buckle your seatbelts, we’re going on a trip!



A Little Bit Awesome, A Little Bit Awkward: Entry Level Jobs

It is less readable than Draft 1.

But it is coming together.

And Draft 2 is finished!

How do I feel about all this?

Tired. It’s after midnight (oops).

Happy. Because I was so ready to be done.

Sad. I miss it already.


So, now what happens, Katie?

LASER will get a break while I NaNo. Then I will reevaluate and start Draft 3.

Also, I think I am entering the Scorpio Races.

Sass level: Demi-God

I promise the draft wasn’t THAT bad!

It’s a roleplaying/fanfiction thing on Tumblr. You basically make up a character and enter the Scorpio Races like in Maggie Stiefvater’s book.

If I do decide to do it, I’m going to post my fanfic stuff here, too, so you guys get to read it.

And if you haven’t read The Scorpio Races, go do it. Now.

And then NaNoWriMo is in a couple of weeks.

So that’s the plan.

And I am going to post this now and go to bed.

Nap time for Pikachu

13 thoughts on “The Editing Diaries– LASER 2.0 and The Scorpio Races

  1. YAY for finishing draft two! COOL about the Scorpio Races thing! THANK YOU for planning to post the stuff here, since I don’t do Tumblr. GO TO BED for…well…going to bed. 😉 I think I got less sleep than you did…despite the midnight thing. *grimaces* I’ll tell you about it later.

    Take a nap this afternoon if you can!

  2. Congratulations on finishing draft 2! I always find the second draft to be the hardest to write because I’m still trying to get all the kinks worked out of the plot (or in some cases trying to find a plot in amongst all the rubbish I’ve piled in.) Enjoy the rest before the rigors of NaNoWriMo start. You’ve definitely earned it.

  3. YAY! *celebrates finishing draft two* *throws glitter*

    I just finished draft two on Halloween. It’s definitely more readable than draft one, but a lot more suck-y than I imagined and hoped it would be.

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