Adventures in Baking: Lamingtons

When I’m not writing or editing, I am often using my creative brain cells to bake.

I like baking well enough. It’s fun and you get to eat the finished result. What’s not to like?

Last weekend, I was introduced to the concept of Lamingtons.

(So, a Lamington is an Australian treat. Little piece of cake dipped in chocolate and then coated in coconut. They’re usually served with cream and jam as well as tea or coffee. Tell me it doesn’t sound good.)

My friendΒ BrettΒ is Australian. And a friend of his took the title of the book Brett is editing (The Bureau of Time) and combined it with Lamingtons to make The Bureau of Lamingtons. And then it was on Twitter. And that is how I found out what a Lamington is.

The hashtag #TheBureauofLamingtons went around Twitter for a few days (not trending, though) and some of us non-Aussies got to find out what Lamingtons are and drool over them.

Today, I gave in. I had time. I wanted to bake. I wanted something sweet.

I made Lamingtons.

The recipe I used is here.

It was an interesting experience.

The batter was very thick and it tried to stick to the rubber spatula I was using. It didn’t need to cook as long as the recipe said it needed to.

And the cake was drier than I expected. Which I have been assured is a trait of Lamingtons and that’s why they are served with cream and jam.

But the cake tasted good. My mother ate a couple small pieces plain.

Lamongton pre-chocolate.
Lamongton pre-chocolate.

I had a piece with strawberry jam. And after that, a part of me wanted to just forget the chocolate and coconut and eat them with jam.

Brett told me that this was practically heresy and and high treason. So the Lamingtons were then tarred and feathered dipped in chocolate and coconutted. (Except for the ones that were trying to crumble into the icing at the end. I left those plain. [Sorry, Brett.])

Houston, we have Lamingtons.
Houston, we have Lamingtons.

Having no cream in the house, I ate one with strawberry jam. In my opinion, it was too many flavors at once. Just chocolate and coconut is enough, though it is still a little dry (as Lamingtons are apparently supposed to be). One day, though, I am going Β to make these again and eat them with cream.

And that’s how Lamingtons, a treat born in Queensland, was made in rural Indiana. (Though apparently they are a thing in Cleveland, Ohio?)



14 thoughts on “Adventures in Baking: Lamingtons

  1. Those lamingtons look absolutely delicious! I’m glad that such a silly little hashtag inspired you to try an Australian dessert! Thank you so much for sharing your cooking adventures with us all! πŸ˜€

  2. AHHH LAMINGTONS!!! YOU’RE SPEAKING MY LANGUAGE!!! *wishes wildly had one to eat right now* We traditionally make them every year on Australia day BECAUSE REASONS. And they’re delicious. But I’m not sure about the whole “dry” thing??!?! ours are NEVER dry. We always have a moist sponge cake and then with the chocolate on top it tastes delicious. So definitely not dry. What has Brett been spreading. Tsk, tsks. Also I don’t like them with jam as WELL as the coconut/chocolate. It’s enough with the chocolate hehe. And we cut our cake pieces really small so MORE CHOCOLATE. (Yes this is cheating but shhhhh. Chocolate is life.)


    • I like BECAUSE REASONS food. XD

      I have no idea what lies are being spread because I trust you both and I’m not Aussie and PLEASE DON’T FIGHT OVER THIS. *ducks because she does not want to be caught in a Lamington crossfire between you and Brett and whatever other Aussies may show up*

      Totally enough with the chocolate. Next time, I’m just going to make a more moist cake. Or I will leave the chocolate part alone and eat them with jam. (*braces self for angry Aussie comments from Brett or you or any other Aussies that may show up*)

      YOU TOO WITH THE ANZAC BISCUITS? Are they really that good? Because I looked them up and they scare me a bit… XD

    • *gasp* HOW CAN YOU HAVE THEM WITHOUT JAM. *ahem* I do agree with making Anazc Biscuits though, but I always have mine chewy. *squints at Cait* Better not be one of those ‘dry and crunchy’ Anzac Biscuit fans…

      (Seriously Katie, I will disown you if you don’t have chocolate-covered Lamington. That’s the whole *point*. πŸ˜› Okay maybe disown is too strong a word…but you’ll lose your secret-sequel-spoiler friendship privileges. πŸ˜‰ )

      • (I DID have chocolate-covered Lamington! I just have some leftover plain ones. And the one with just jam was sooooooo good! Maybe I just won’t tell you if I eat them with just jam. πŸ˜› )

  3. First reaction: *mouth waters intensely*

    Second reaction (upon seeing previous comments): I see a potential for the Battle of Lamingtons in the future…

    Conclusion: Oh, man. Now I want to make sum. Coconut and chocolate! That’s delicious!

  4. How long until Christmas? I want to race home and make these NOW, they sound amazing! I miss baking…
    Thanks for sharing, they have now made my to bake list! That list is a mile long by the way…

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