I shall be listening to this all day and now you can, too! You’re welcome.

Why is it Hobbit Day today? Because September 22 is Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday!

And yes, Hobbit Day is a real holiday.

And we should all celebrate with second breakfast and going on long adventures to get Dwarvish gold back from dragons and destroy evil rings with dark lords’ souls inside. WHO’S WITH ME???

Okay, maybe we should just do the second breakfast.

My view on life:

I should like to take this time to point to last year’s Hobbit Day post, about Sam Gamgee.

"Frodo wouldn't of gotten very far without Sam...":
Frodo wouldn’t of gotten very far without Sam…


And now, I am off to try to convince my hobbits that we should watch at least one LOTR or Hobbit movie today.

Introverts lol:


17 thoughts on “TODAY IS HIS 111TH BIRTHDAY!!!

  1. *nods seriously* It is also the first day of fall.

    And 91 degrees here right now. Yeah, nothing says fall like 91 degrees.

    And I still have no read any Tolkien. Oops.

  2. While I’m trapped in the structure and movie free college life my little siblings sat at home and watched all three hobbit movies, two of the three LOTR, and had all 9 meals of a hobbit lifestyle. I heard tell they also used face paint on their feet to draw hair… *sigh* I plan a hobbit day for three years, but it doesn’t actually happen until I leave, go figure.
    Oh well, happy birthday Bilbo and Frodo!

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