Be A Pumpkin

Hey, reader-peeps.

I’m going on hiatus.

Why? Because I am quite frankly stuck. I have no idea what to blog about and when I get an idea for a post, I can’t seem to expand it into something long enough for a post. I go a week with not posting and then feel like I should apologize for not posting and it happens that every other post seems to be an apology for not posting.

I do not know how long this hiatus will last. Hopefully not long. I need to get well (I’m still sick) and figure out some problems I’m having with writing and basically take care of stuff that I’m sure is certainly not helping my blogging attempts.

In other news, it is almost actually Autumn.

Pusheen the cat. @Emily Schoenfeld Rau it kinds reminds of me big moose little moose eat a moose:

Don’t Forget To Be Pumpkins Awesome!


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