One of the common questions from one writer to another is do you outline or are you a discovery writer?

I thought I was inherently a discovery-writer.

And then I decided I was a plantser– I plot a bit, but I still write most by the seat of my pants.

But then, I had an amazing idea for a story. And I didn’t want to get stuck or panic when I was stuck. I hate that. I decided to try to outline.

I found an outlining method I absolutely adore.

And last night, I finished outlining the entire book.

Blurred on purpose. Can't have you guys reading spoilers, now can I?
Blurred on purpose. Can’t have you guys reading spoilers, now can I?

It’s four pages long, 50 chapters plotted. Like Rowling’s outline that I linked to above, it has Chapter Number and summaries of each chapter. I also outline each of the arcs of the main character and side characters, as well as their responses to each event. There is also space for chapter titles, but I decided not to fill those in yet.

Best of all, despite all my planning and plotting, I am still very excited about this story. Despite the fact I have told a few people about the premise, I am still excited. Being excited is probably the most important thing in writing. If you aren’t completely in love with this story you’ve created, why are you writing it?

That all being said, I am still keeping things pretty hush-hush. Even around most of my alphas. There will be no plot spilling, no character questions, no snippets, until the first draft is done. I’m too scared of losing this to even put up a progress bar.

I have a plan. I want to be done writing the first draft by November.

That’s only two months to write up an entire novel. But I’ve written 30K in one month before (granted, I was slightly insane towards the end…), surely I can write 50K minimum in two months.

That’s the goal.

If nothing else, it will be a crash course in deadlines and priorities.Ā Yay…

Now, working on this means I will not be editing. Which means no Editing Diaries posts. But this is merely a hiatus of those posts. They will hopefully be back in November.

So! With that, I must go get stuff done so I can write so I can meet my goal.

Yeah. This. Me. DFTBA!





9 thoughts on “IT’S ALIVE!!!

  1. That’s so awesome! Good luck again! *goes to look at outlining method out of curiosity, even if I’m quite content with my sort of method*

  2. I LOVE PLOTTING. Although I more like it when Im’ doing it instead of when I’m thinking about doing it. >_> I procrastinate so much. I’m supposed to be outlining the rewrites for my uber creepy Peter Pan retelling but I JUST NEVER DO IT. My bad.
    Once I wrote a 10K outline!! IT WAS A BIT INTENSE. hehe. And the book failed weirdly enough.
    But usually I just write a few pages of outline for each book, and the more outline I have, the less plot holes. OMG I NEED CHECK OUT THIS JKR METHOD THOUGH.
    I hope you get the whole draft done by November! GO YOU. I BELIEVE IN YOU. YOU CAN DO THIS.

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