One week later…

Hi, reader-peeps.

Dispicable Peep (2012 Peeps Diorama Contest)

It has been over a week since I blogged last. 8 days. And that is the longest unplanned hiatus I’ve taken yet.

And I’m afraid that this post will not be very long or coherent.

Quite frankly, I’m exhausted.

I think I’ve already told you, but VBS was about a week and a half ago. I’ve have never been so tired after VBS. And I was helping in crafts, not chasing hobbits. Basically, I walked around a room for 3 hours and helped kids with glue and passed out stickers.

Then everyone got sick. Except me. And we’re still passing this stuff around. Except me.

I finished the book I was beta-ing and sent feedback. And I haven’t found anything to read since. That is mildly depressing. I tried the first Kingdom Keepers book and the new Theodore Boone book. KK bored me and TB… I’ve been on edit mode and Grisham’s style in this book feels weird.

Editing has been stinky, but things are looking up a bit, now.

More on the plus side…

I have seen both Legally Blonde and Revenge of the Bridesmaids.  They are both two very good and not stupid romantic comedies. And except for some swearing and adult content (implications, mostly) they are both pretty clean (not family-friendly clean, though… on the same level as You’ve Got Mail.)

I have also discovered that Phineas and Ferb is really good for bad days. Just the humor alone.

Oh. And we’re going to Florida in a few weeks. There will be beach and pool and Grandmas and a cousin and an aunt and it will all be just lovely.

There is a trailer for Hotel Transylvania 2! And it looks awesome!

August is fast approaching. I want to do Awesome August again. I need to figure out what to do… I did dragons and a giveaway last year. If you have any ideas, let me know.

And I shall be going now. Good night, all! Hopefully this next week will bring more blogging ideas and therefore posts.



15 thoughts on “One week later…

  1. Okay, wow…your summer sounds AT LEAST as crazy as mine…between Camp NaNo, staycation, getting ready for a trip in August (and the new puppy who’s coming home the day after we get back) and working as a counselor in train at the barn I ride at, I probably won’t read a single book all month.

  2. I FEEL YA ON THE VBS THING. Ours was last week and I’m /still/ trying to recover. Those children were wild.

  3. Sounds like you’ve been busy! And I so get not finding anything to read. I was so bored and so unable to find something to read that I, um, *cough* started rereading Way of Kings.
    Yeah, my boredom was at that level. Hehe.

    Oooh, there’s a Hotel Transylvania 2? I loved the first one.

  4. So sorry about all your craziness and ickiness. I completely sympathize on the exhausted side, though. But…be glad you were inside and it was 3 hours rather than 5 hours and it wasn’t early in the morning. Just sayin’.

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