‘Tis a Very Special Day

Today, Spiral-Bound is one year old.

I’ve been blogging for an entire year.

My brain can not process that.

Party Cannon?

I got Pinkie Pie!! Pinkie is energetic and sociable, and she represents the element of laughter. Pinkie is always there to cheer her friends up and is always ready to jump in, hooves first, into the action, whether she knows what’s going on or not. To be a Pinkie Pie is to love life and greet all its surprises with a smile and a ‘can do’ attitude. Also confetti, lots and lots of confetti.  Which My Little Pony Are You?

One whole year…

And here we are.

I want to thank you all. There are 184 of you precious followers, which is also mind blowing.

150 posts (this is #151).


7,827 views. (Though I’m honestly not sure how accurate this is…)

Quite a few weird search terms, the most notable of which:

“26. we had to write the paper (in,with ) ink.” —I’m sorry. Personally, I prefer ink to pencil.

“the quotes i am the villain of my stor”— You are? What’s a villain of a store, anyway? Is that like Phantom of the Opera?

“play write from long ago earnest hemingway 493 117 923”— I don’t even know. What is that chain of numbers? ISBN? Locker combination? Phone number? (By the way, I believe it’s “playwright”, not “play write”.)

“no way can spiral bound”—*glowers* No way can Spiral-Bound what???

“bound by her ring (bound series book 1)”— This is either a LOTR based book… or an icky romance. *looks it up* Romance. Ick.

“song lyrics “i went searching for something you left”— How did this get them to my blog? I can guess how the others got here, but this one?

My stats for most popular posts are pretty interesting, too.

The most popular one is A Writing Process in which I illustrated the writing process with Les-Mis gifs. (It’s still one of my favorites.)

You’re a Sand-Wizard, Claire… is number 2 (what’s sad is that I pretty much gave up on that story).

Don’t Step on a Crack… in which I talk about world-building superstitions, is number 3.

Project 3K Revealed– A Surprise for Liam Wood, Head Phil (posted just last Friday) jumped up to my 4th most popular post. I’m not exactly sure what to think about that. I’m happy, though. (It also wins for longest post. Thank you, to all you lovely peoples who helped write what is the longest post my blog will probably ever have.)

I’m not going to name specific people (because I don’t want to leave someone out), but thank you for all your lovely comment conversations and support and just general awesomeness this past year. CAKE FOR YOU ALL!

You guys aren’t going to get sick from all this cake, are you?

It just seems like I’ve been feeding you a lot recently…


Hopefully, that’s not the reason you keep coming back.

Well, if it is, fear not. I’m going to keep blogging for a long time and I’m sure I will still be feeding you, every now and then.

Have to take care of your minions pets reader-peeps, you know.

Google Afbeeldingen resultaat voor http://www.walyou.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/diorama-where-the-wild-peeps-are.jpg
Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!



38 thoughts on “‘Tis a Very Special Day

  1. Happy blogoversary! And yes, you’re giving us an awful lot of cake lately…not that I’m complaining. Also, may I just say that those are the weirdest search terms in the history of weird search terms? Particularly that last one…Blogger claims to be able to show me search terms but does nothing of the kind (though as far as I can tell, the only way to find my blog through Google is searching “spellbound adventures of a teen book lover” or something similar, and that isn’t exactly a trending search term).

  2. Congratulations on making it to a full year of blogging! *throws glitter* And no, I won’t get sick on the cake, don’t worry, hehe.

    Those are some weird search terms… I find it funny, I don’t really have any odd search terms… 

  3. WHOOO! *throws cake at you because you need some for yourself* Congratulations! And those search terms…just… *shakes head*

    See? Aren’t you glad you finally started a blog? 🙂


  4. OH MY GOSH HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY TO YOUR LIL BABY BLOG, TUC! (: I remember when you first told me you made one and I was like, no way, but it was true and I’m so proud of you for keep ping this amazing little corner of cyberspace up and running for a year. Here’s to many more years of wonderfulness!

  5. Happy happy birthday to your blog. I like what you’ve done with it, and I hope you continue to do good things with it. I apologize for never commenting. I’m terrible in that area.

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