Dancing Through Life

Where to start…

So, I’m neck deep in edits, as you know.


I’m alpha-reading, too.

I’m also beta-reading for someone.

I blog at least once a week for my reader-peeps.

Vacation Bible School starts next Monday.

My room is a mess.

I really need to go through my clothes…

Go away. Treasure Planet

I’d like to get back to learning German.

I knit as a source of income.

I crochet to reduce stress.

A couple of lovely people have gotten me hooked on Taylor Swift. (You know who you are.)

taylor swift dancing | 27 Taylor Swift Dancing GIFs From
Shake It Off is actually not one of the songs I like but whatever.

My baby blog turns a year old next week… (I’m not sure what I will do to celebrate…)

Where does this leave us?

What is the point of this post?

I don’t know. I could just say that I’m really bad with time management, which is true, but then one of you will catch me on social media and I’ll be in trouble.

I originally started this post to tell you that I was going to go on a partial hiatus (one post a week), so I could really focus on editing. But I started typing and changed my mind.

Instead, I’m going to tell you not to freak out if you don’t get an Editing Diaries post every week. Because, let’s face it, editing can be staring at your computer and bemoaning the world or staring at your computer and typing like fury. It can also be staring at a notebook. Or thinking that starting over from scratch would be easier. Or playing around on Tumblr because you are stuck, stuck, stuck (or not).

Basically, when I’m still working on the aspect I was working on in the last ED post, I have trouble coming up with things to say.

imagine+the+most+horrible+terrifying+evil+thing+you+could+possibly+think+of+and+multiply+it...by+SIX.gif (166ร—150)

And I don’t want to bombard you with my complaints and woes all the time because that’s discouraging and I feel bad complaining all the time.

So where does this leave us?

No different than before. I’m just going to try to manage time a bit better. Which doesn’t necessarily affect any of you.

Dancing Through Life - Wicked

No, I don’t know why I wrote this post.

comfort vlog: the lizzie bennett diaries and the taming of digital ...


The March Family Letters - New great webseries based on Louisa May Alcott's 'Little Women'!

I think that’s it.

Keep an eye on the blog, reader-peeps. I have something awesome coming soon. (It’s completely unrelated to my blogversary.)


11 thoughts on “Dancing Through Life

  1. …Wordpress only lets me type in Ukrainian, too. Nice. *headfloor*

    *gathers herself* Um, anyway. Yep. This is a confusing post. But I get it. If that makes sense.


  2. It makes no sense, but I get it anyway. My life is crazy right now, and on top of that, it’s raining, there’s a book club book I need to finish within the next four hours, my computer is almost certainly about to break down and I need to make sure everything on it is backed up, I still haven’t unpacked from a trip that we got back from two weeks ago, my book sucks, I need a new plot idea, I’m neglecting my blog again, and Camp NaNo starts in less than a month. And here I am on the Internet. Doing nothing particularly constructive.

    Sorry. That made no sense.

  3. Ah! They’re doing my favorite classic story of all time that I read on a yearly basis and love completely?
    Must go find more info!
    And I know what you mean about time management being an issue… it all sounds very familiar ( I wonder why… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).
    I wish you luck in all your endeavors!

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