Monday Morning

*sips Coke*

Good morning, readers.

It’s Monday. I’m halfway through a Coke and I’m trying to sign up for Instagram. Probably not the best combination.

Pride & Prejudice: "Shelves in the closet? Happy thought indeed." (gif)

Today, I’ll be listing the things I need to fix in Chapter 3 and hopefully finding some time to implement them.

I’ll be babysitting as my two oldest sisters go to music lessons.

Entirely kidding, I promise. Though with the way I’m musically talented, I could be either or both of the sisters in this picture.

I’ll be making sure that the hobbits work on their school and I’ll be playing Sight Word Bingo with the two littlest.

I have to do laundry and dishes.

I’ll listen to the song by Hunter Hayes that has been causing rabid plot bunnies (possibly for my next book).

Go away. Treasure Planet
Ah, plot bunnies…

And now, having almost finished my Coke and having completely signed up on Instagram and followed people (my profile, though there is nothing yet there), I must go. Time to get the day started.

Here’s that song, by the way.



13 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Hope your Monday is grand, Lady K! I listened to that song all the way through, and I can so see why it gives you plot bunnies.

    Today is the Monday I start working at the library. ^_^

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