April 1st

It is April first. And that means many things.

It means April Fool’s Day. I beg you all to watch out for jokesters. As for my AFD’s joke, I will be doing nothing. I will not tell the hobbits that it is April Fool’s Day until they go to bed tonight. And then I’ll tell them, as it will then be too late for them to play any pranks. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

But more important than the holiday mentioned above, it is the first day of Camp NaNo.

Can I get an “Amen”!


Anyway. So today, I begin editing LASER. I’ll tell you more about that on Friday as part of The Editing Diaries.

But guess what.

It’s Wednesday. And that means…

Inquisitive Wednesday!

This week is just one question. I was tagged by proverbs31teen for The 777 Writing Challenge. (Thank you!)

The 777 challenge requires you go to Page 7 of your work-in-progress, scroll down to Line 7 and share the next 7 lines in a blog post. Once you have done this, you can tag 7 other bloggers to do the same with their work-in-progress.

This should be interesting.

Okay, so this snippet introduces one of my favorite characters (Alphas who have read this story, you are not permitted to freak out by my preference. I have my reasons.)

Here we go!

She and her brother would go to Shamira’s house. Their godmother would make tea and licorice chip cookies. And after homework, she could just talk to Shamira or read and relax.

“You okay, Izzy?”

Isabella grimaced at the name then looked up. Standing right beside her was Hunter Jackson. His dark hair was in a tousled style that most girls found attractive.

And there you have it. That’s it. That’s seven lines. Sorry it’s not a more complete thought.

I tag…

Lily J.



Liam (please, Head Phil? It’ll be fun…)




And now, I’m off to edit. DFTBA!

Start Writing

37 thoughts on “April 1st

  1. AMEN! I’ve had fun stumbling across jokes on the internet today. Try Amazon. And Goodreads. And Duolingo. I haven’t found Google’s yet (no one tell me!) and we’re still anxiously awaiting our community news magazine over here. (They always have a good, complicated joke as the cover story.)

    And that is fun, indeed… *is sorely tempted to shriek anyway but manages not to*

    Hmmm, let’s see. Eh, I’m not sure what to call my WIP…so…let’s break the rules and do Golden Silence (the writing-not-writing WIP…), Living Rain (the editing-not-editing WIP…) AND Chords That Bind (the…not-sure-what-but-it’s-not-finished-yet WIP). 😉

    Golden Silence (wow, this is…in the thick of things):
    “Now, eat up, Grandma would like to get home at some point today and I don’t want to leave without cleaning up lunch.” [Note: That’s the mom talking]
    Dad and Mom stood and cleared their and Grandma’s places, and Sarah hurried to put a few more bites in her mouth. But she didn’t chew them enough and she nearly choked trying to swallow the food down. Tears welled up in her eyes and she coughed several times before the food finally went down.
    “Are you okay?” Grandma asked.

    Living Rain (didn’t work out as neatly so it’s really lines 6.5 through 12.5):
    “Well, I should be going. See you around, I guess.” He walked off in the opposite direction, and my eyes followed him. [Note: MMC’s POV]
    I continued down the street toward the Council building, where it appeared a large crowd had gathered. I recognized one of the Council members standing at the front of the group. I strained to make out what he was saying, moving closer. This didn’t look good.
    “If anyone has any information about what caused this disturbance, you have an obligation under law to tell us,” he was saying. My eyes widened.

    Chords That Bind (same as above):
    I know she is pulling up my file, taking notes, and the knowledge nauseates me.
    It’s not right. Something’s not right. The words whisper into my brain involuntarily, and my eyes widen, dart around. I only just manage to save myself from panicking. What if I had said those words out loud without realizing it? This is not safe. Not safe at all.
    It’s the dream’s fault, I tell myself. It has to be. It has to be, because I don’t know what else could be shaking my world like this.
    I hear the sound of a throat being cleared. That’s my signal to look up.
    I don’t want to.

    –Wow, I have weird lines out of context…

  2. YAY FOR FIRST OF APRIL. I should probably stop procrastinating and go start editing…

    ……or maybe not.

    Anyway, as Amanda said, some of the April Fool’s jokes out there are funny. I loved the Google one. I can’t seem to find the Dueling one…erg.

    And even though I wasn’t tagged, I’m going to go find out what mine would be. That is, assuming I can figure out what’s page seven, since Scrivener doesn’t keep pages like that. Hmm…

  3. I was actually recently tagged for this by someone else as well … so I was actually going to put up a post soonish anyways. I think I’ll go ahead and do it today. It’s something quick and easy, since I haven’t decided where I’ll have you encounter your character yet. I’m thinking about putting CE’s on hiatus for a while …

  4. I’ve been taking screenshots of all the April Fool’s Day jokes. Goodreads was HILARIOUS, so was Amazon’s. Has any one noticed the Recaptchas??? *facepalm* Great lines!!!

  5. Clearly I am not internet proficient. Where do I find the April fool’s jokes you are mentioning?
    Erin tagged me with this award, I should really go answer it….

  6. I’m guessing you’re not big on April Fool’s jokes? I managed to get out of being the subject of any, though I did observe two. I DO like seeing others get pranked, just as long as it’s not me. 😛

    Thanks for the tag! I’ll do it very soon because I like this tag very much. 🙂

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