Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Writing

You haven’t ever finished a story?

That’s okay. Keep trying.

You are super slow when it comes to writing a story?

That’s okay. Keep writing.

You can’t seem to achieve big wordcounts?

That’s okay. Just add more to the story. Or accept it. Small wordcounts are okay.

You give up on a story because it’s not working?

That’s okay. Choose another story.

You had to take a long break from writing and now you can’t seem to start again?

That’s okay. You’ll get it.

You reread your story before editing it and realize a thousand flaws that embarrass you?

That’s okay. You can fix it.

Feedback scares you?

That’s okay. Betas expect bugs.

Your story is kind of weird?

That’s okay. If you like it, then who cares if it’s different?

You are rejected by an agent or publisher?

That’s okay. Just because one doesn’t want it, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.

Your writing process isn’t like anyone else’s?

That’s okay. No two writers have exactly the same process.

Don’t ever be ashamed of your writing.

And don’t forget to be awesome.


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