A Challenge!

So, last New Year’s Eve, a couple of friends and I saw in 2014 as we scribbled short stories furiously fast. Our last 2013 stories, but also our first 2014 stories. (Actually, come to think of it, our goal may have been to be done by midnight. But I think we were still writing after.) My short story was 500 words, in the form of a letter, and it’s lost among notebooks or MS Word Docs (I can’t remember if I typed it or wrote it longhand.)

Well, this year, we want to include you in this challenge.

Basically, you have 24 hours to write and publish your story. You can plot and brainstorm as long as you want, but the actual writing and publishing of the story happens within 24 hours, preferably on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

There’s no writing prompt, no word count limit, no requirements to be critiqued. If you want a critique, say so, but otherwise, your work will not be critiqued. We also have ways for non-bloggers can participate.

Any questions you have will probably be answered in Liam’s post here, which covers just about every possible concern about this challenge. He also goes more in depth into the rules and guidelines.(So please read it, even if you don’t have questions.)

Now… to the plot bunny cage! Because I have a short story to plan…

Let us ring in the New Year with our fingers flying over the computer keys!!!



14 thoughts on “A Challenge!

  1. I’m doing it! And I’m really hoping we’re actually having New Years at our house, instead of going to a friends’ like we did a few years ago… Boy, if we go somewhere, I’m going to have way less than 24 hours to write.

  2. OOH THIS SOUNDS EXCITING. Although I haven’t ever like written a short passable story before. >.> My mind seems to think in 50,000 words or none at all. I’m off to read Liam’s post too….

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