All I Really Wanted…

So, I have been making rounds around the blogosphere and I see a lovely post that is making its way around. It started here. It sounds like such fun to do.

It’s a writing wish list.

It’s basically a list of books you want to write eventually, as vague or specific as you would like.

Vicious little plot bunnies… here we go!

1. A Dystopian

Okay, so the only dystopian I’ve read is Divergent. And really, just the first one (I skimmed Insurgent). I watched The Hunger Games. So… yeah, I may very well fall into the tropes and clichés for this one, but who cares? Besides, I already have one or two ideas for plots, so… I don’t care how cliché it turns out. If I have an idea I love, nothing is going to stop me from writing it.

2. A Mystery

As Cait from Paper Fury said, isn’t this on everyone’s list? I want to write a mystery as I’ve heard Agatha Christie (a discovery writer, as I am) wrote mysteries– make sure every suspect has a motive.

3. A Horror

Yes, I am a sweet, introverted girl with a sick, twisted mind. I know, you never would’ve guessed. But honestly, there is a thrill to scaring yourself and writing every sentence just so, so that you are giggling like a psychopath, certain you will terrify anyone who reads it. The problem here? I will have to hunt for more alpha-readers. Inevitably, I will lose my alpha-alpha-reader (Hi, Mom!) if I write a horror.

4. A Good Romance Plotline

So, what I want here is for the boy and the girl are already together before the beginning of the book, they stay together throughout the entire book, there is no other boy or girl showing up to become a love triangle, boy and girl’s parents are happy with this match, and there may be some conflict due to the real plot, but nothing that can’t be resolved! Is this too much to ask? Yeah, probably, but it’s only a plotline! Not the actual plot!

5. A Book in Which Everyone Ends Up Dead

Just for a change of pace.

6. An Epic

This may very well never be written. While writing LASER, I discovered that I was really bored with writing my own made up worlds (I had written them for most of the time I have been writing). I really prefer writing urban fantasy. World is pretty much already made and you just add in some magic. Done with the world-building. (I will never be diagnosed with world-builder’s disease…) But… there is still an appeal to writing an epic fantasy.

7. After a Devastating Car Wreck, a Teenage Boy’s Brain is Replaced With a Computer…

I actually already tried this one. And I honestly think I just got off on the wrong foot with it.

8. A Script for TV or a Movie

Don’t know what this would actually be, yet…

9. A Mash-Up (Sort of) of Emma and Sherlock Holmes

This could be hilarious beyond reason. Matchmaker Emma and the perfectly observant Sherlock coming together in one book (or maybe even being just one character!?)? Yes, please!

10. Pride and Prejudice and Pirates

Someone has actually already written this… BUT WHO CARES?! This concept is too awesome! Worse case scenario, I can’t get it published for fear of being sued. Best case scenario, though, I get it published and there is fame and fortune from it.

11. Any of the Magic Systems I’ve Thought of

Magic powered by tea. Magic that controls sand. Magic you get from pulling teeth! (Ouch… such a good idea, no?)

12. A Musical

Hmm… I can’t sing, I can’t compose, I barely play the piano anymore… there is no way this idea can go wrong.


That isn’t everything, but if I sit here and think about everything I ever wanted to write, you will be stuck here for the rest of your lives.

What about you guys? What lovely plot bunnies do you have lurking in the corners of your notebooks?



35 thoughts on “All I Really Wanted…

  1. I need to do one of these posts … Maybe sometime next month. I’ve got the last three days of December booked. (Need to write my encounter, after all. I kinda … forgot last month. Don’t want to do that a second time.)

    I love your list, you’ve got some good ideas, although I think you meant “Romantic Subplot” or “Sideplot.” Plotline kinda gave me the impression that that was what the book was about … though it may have more to do with the fact that I’m very tired right now.

    I’m certainly one of those people with world-building syndrome. I love creating and exploring my worlds. It’s such fun. But I would like to try some form of Urban someday …

  2. I LIKE YOUR LIST A LOT. I think mysteries are just like THE BEST. Also horror. I want to write a horror. Like an actual real horror…with serial killers or something. Or something freakily supernatural, I suppose. Most of my books have horror in them but they’re not strictly horror (if that even makes sense, lol.) XD I lost my mum as an alpha-reader a while back! And just the other day I told her I wrote a book about zombies and she’s like, “What a horrible book! Um….sorry.” XD I just laugh. She’s super, erm, um, honest?!! lol

  3. Great post! I love all of these ideas and hope you get the oppurtunity to write them all (I know I’d love to read them!)

  4. Ooh, you should totally go for the musical! And the play/tv script…
    also, please kill everyone (EVERYONE!) so that, y’know, all us readers can die a bit and the support for the conspiracy that authors kill characters for fun can grow stronger. ^.^
    Hun, have fun with the romance plotline…I mean, I don’t even know if those things exist! (Time to do some research, eh?)

    • Thanks!

      Oh, yes! That was my devious plot the whole time. xD

      They exist. That’s pretty much the love story of my parents (they’re still happily married 25 years later). 🙂

  5. Ooh, those sound like some pretty good ideas. Most of them. Heh. I don’t like scaring myself, and considering how much I despise character deaths, I don’t know that I’d want to ever write something where everyone ended up dead. (Believe it or not, I’ve been writing for four years, and there’s only been one character that I can think of who’s been killed on-stage (on-page? how would you say that with writing anyway?) and actually stayed dead. And that’s only because it was a short story and there was no way to make her not-dead.)

    I like the romance plot-line idea, though. Quite a bit, actually.

    *may have to do one of these posts herself*

    That is SUCH an epic idea. I love it.

    I hope you get to ALL of these. And publish them. So I can read them! (Or I can alpha/beta read… just saying…)

  7. These are so awesome! I especially like the straightforward romance—I think it’s why I loved the characters Zoe and Wash on Firefly. They were already married, so it was more about their relationship and learning to work together, not a push-pull for someone’s affections the whole time. Pride and Prejudice and Pirates also sounds AWESOME. I didn’t read the original, but I dig the zombie version, so I’d love to see more rewrites with action and wit rather than sitting around and wit. Action is better than sitting around sometimes.

    I hope you get to write all your ideas! 🙂

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