This is my 100th blog post!


Just over six months of blogging.


2004 comments (Prize for which ever person or two gives me the 2014th and 2015th comments!)

Views from 26 different countries

Very few unusual search terms.

Most popular post: A Writing Process

It’s been a wonderful 6 months. Thank you so much, all you lovely people who have read, followed, and commented here. Christmas cookies for you all!

This brings me to my next thought.

2015 is just around the metaphorical corner.

The question everyone (except that guy in the corner back there) is wondering: do I have any New Year’s Resolutions?

Okay, so maybe none of you are wondering that. But I’m going to give you the answer anyway.

(As I write this, I haven’t actually thought about it. I’m making this up as I go along.)

First, I’m going to call this something different. I don’t have New Year’s Resolutions. I have New Year’s Goals.

Second, yes, I do have a few. You guys get to hear the writing goals.

1. I’m going to edit LASER and like it. (I’m hopeful about this, actually. The liking to edit part is subject to change after I get feedback, though…)

2. I’m going to finish my new project– a novella (never wrote a novella before… at least not intentionally).

3. I want to give The Curse Fulfilled a complete overhaul. All I know for certain about this baby novel is that it’s about a boy who turns into a dragon. I know his name. I know where his curse came from. I know who his parents are. THAT IS IT. So, at minimum, I want to sort of, kind of outline it. I may not rewrite yet.

4. I am going to figure out how to infuse my writing with emotions. I have some idea of the technique, but it’s the specific emotion per scene that I haven’t done yet (tried a bit in LASER’s first draft, but this is something I think I need to do in edits). I mostly just need practice.

5. I am going to try again to get an agent. This won’t happen until after LASER is edited, since that is what I’ll be querying with.

6. I’d like to get to a point in blogging where I’m at least a couple of posts ahead and can schedule.

7. On the blogging note, I’d also like to figure out how to post gifs again. I think there’s an HTML code and you also have to use the code for the picture of gif (neither of which I know how to get). (This should be a fairly easy one, though. I’m going to ask a friend about this shortly. And if he doesn’t know… I guess I’ll keep asking people.)

That’s really all the specific ones I have for now. I would love to hear about your New Year’s Goals and how Christmas was and all that fun stuff! Tell me in the comments!



25 thoughts on “COMMENCE CELEBRATION!!!

  1. 100 posts! Congratulations! That’s quite the accomplishment. (On that note, I’m rapidly approaching my 700th … I’ll have to find something special to do for that.)

    Good luck on your goals!

    That is a SPLENDID amount of followers for 100 posts! But hey… you’re awesome… I’d expect nothing less 🙂

    Good luck with querying!

    …and… out of curiosity…. what number comment am I…?

  3. YAY!!! Congratulations!

    Nope. Haven’t thought about goals/resolutions yet. But I’ll get there. It may be after the tournament. Yours are good, though. 🙂

  4. Coding gifs?! WOAH THAT SOUNDS COMPLEX. Honestly, I just save the gif and upload it as a photo. Then at least I’m hosting the gif and it won’t just disappearing randomly from my blog at any point. *nods*
    YAY FOR GOALS. I’m trying to think up goals. All I can think up so far is posting more discussion-able (totally a word) and less reviews but that’s boring. MEH.
    Ohhhh I WILL CROSS MY FINGERS FOR YOU WHEN YOU START QUERYING. If you want any, like help/virtual chocolate/encouragement I AM HERE. Just sayin’. Can be totally cruel to wait for months and mooooonths.

  5. Sounds like some good goals. Also, that second novel you mentioned reminds me of the novel I’m currently working on… Hmm. I hope this is a case of “Great minds think alike”.

    I think I know how to help with the GIF part, if you still need it…

      • Hehe.

        Alrighty. Let’s see if this actually works. (Last time I tried to help someone with HTML code, it showed up really weird and didn’t help at all. :\ ) So, basically you have to put a less-than sign, and then the letters, exactly like this, “img src”, (only without the quotation marks), and then an equal sign and a quotation mark, and then you put the image code, with no spaces at all. Usually, for the image code, I’ll find the image I want online and use the URL. Mind you, it has to be the URL to the image itself, rather than to a site that it’s on, if that makes sense. Then all you have to do is put another quotation mark, and a greater-than sign. It should be exactly the same for images and for gifs.
        Does that make any sense or even help in the slightest bit? I’d actually spell it out and show you, but then WordPress will think I’m trying to post an image and it’ll screw up.

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