Today, I realized just how many awesome people have birthdays in December. So…

I thought I would do a birthday post for these awesome people!

December 6th was Liam’s birthday! (He blogs at This Page Intentionally Left Blank and YAvengers.)

December 16th is the birthday of Jane Austen (she wrote Pride and Prejudice) and the 25th birthday of my cousin, Brittany.

Today, December 19th, has three awesome birthdays.

One of my hobbits, the Ninja, turns 8 today!

My very dear friend, Seana J. Vixen (who blogs at The Totally Insane Writer) is now 16!

And it’s Brandon Sanderson’s birthday, too! (He wrote the Mistborn Trilogy, which I love to pieces.)

December 23 is the birthday of another dear friend of mine, Lily! (Lily’s Notes in the Margins.)

A Very Happy Birthday to all these awesome people!

Cake and confetti for you all!

(Did I miss anyone? Tell me and I’ll edit the post!)



13 thoughts on “A PARTY!

  1. Well, you already know about baby Madison. And my sister on the 9th. One of my new writing buddies Brooke was also on the 6th. And one of my old friends was also on the 9th. Leah Good (Go Teen Writers, among other things) was the 17th. My friend Rebekah is the 30th, and both of her siblings were the first week of the month.

    Wow. I didn’t realize I knew that many people with December birthdays…I think the only other month I know with that many is February. Which is totally awesome and unique because of the days thing. And, because, you know. It’s my birthday month. 😉

    Happy birthday to all of those people!

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