Decorating a Tree

We decorated the Christmas tree tonight!


Moi. Wearing the fake-cranberry strand after taking it off the tree. Fabulous, no?

So, at some point in time, mankind has decided that, annually in December, it is festive to cut down a live evergreen (essentially killing it), place it in one’s house, decorate it with all sorts of tinsel, colored bobbles, popcorn and cranberries, perhaps candles, and then place gifts under it.

I love this tradition.


See the Abominable Snowman? Yeah, he didn’t stay on the tree, either.

This specific tradition begins for my family with food. Summer sausage, cheese, crackers, a vegetable tray with dip…We like food.

(We have obviously set up the tree at some point, either prior to or after the food.)

Then we take out the ornaments. I start putting hooks on them, while the hobbits grab all the ones they can, whether those have hooks or not. I inevitably tell the hobbits to give me a minute to untangle the hooks. I also inevitably get stuck with something or other. (Our tree happens to be artificial, so no, I am not getting stuck with evergreen needles.)

As some point during the enjoyable chaos, I hang up an ornament or two, most likely ones that belong to me or neglected ones (read: ones that I got a hook on and then could sneak onto the tree before the hobbits came back demanding more).

All the ornaments are made of something that won’t break, except for two. One: Dad’s UGA Bulldog that is dressed as Santa. Two: my brother’s latest ball-ornament from his Sunday School teacher. This has his name, the name of our church, a verse reference, the year… and this ornament has broken every year for the past three years. Le sigh.

But for now, the tree is pretty and everything on it whole. The hobbits (most likely the youngest two) will undecorate and redecorate the tree a million times between now and Christmas, but we don’t care. That’s part of the charm, small children enjoying Christmas.

See how lovely it is?

Yes, I realize the Abominable is still there…




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