Updates and Other Awesomeness

So. I figure you guys deserve an update on LASER.

I’m getting there. I’m between the low point and climax, unless I just had the climax (I’m not sure, obviously).

Things are going swimmingly story-wise. Everything is coming together beautifully and, while yes, I can see some mistakes and room for improvement, I am happy with the way it’s turning out.

However, I had hoped to be done with this draft by now. I had hoped to already be typing it up for my alpha-readers (hi, guys!) and be working on my next project.

But going slowly has turned out to be a blessing.

Honestly, I think that if I were writing as fast as I think I’d want to, I would’ve made several big mistakes and I’d be panicking every time I’ve been stuck. Going slow has given me time to think through what I want to write and allowed me to think ahead. And when I get stuck, I’m not often getting stuck on the current scene/chapter. I’m usually getting stuck on a future scene. And since I’m not there yet, I have time to think through it or let my subconscious untangle the knot.

On top of all this, writing LASER has been a few firsts for me. This is my first YA that I will actually have finished. This is the first thing to have YA-content (you’ve been warned, alphas). This is the first time I’ve found a method for exposition that I really like (thank you, Maggie Stiefvater). This is the first time I’ve kept my story this secret for SO LONG!

This is also the first time I’ve had a Pinterest board for my story (the story that will be finished). And since you guys have been so patient as I take forever to write this…


(I can’t talk about the Pins until after I finish this draft. Don’t worry, I plan to be done soon and I will tell you when it is done. Then we can discuss each Pin at great length.)




2 thoughts on “Updates and Other Awesomeness

  1. OOOOOOH!!!

    *Goes through board.*


    Yeah, I’m looking forward to this story. 🙂


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