Today was great. There was the Macy’s Parade, food, time with family…

Can I tell you something? Without seeming like I’m bragging?

 My family is awesome.

My Dad is awesome. He works hard at his job to provide for us (and he is really good at his job, too). He teaches us about God and the Bible. He quotes Monty Python with me. He wants to see me succeed at what I want to do with my life (he wants that for all his kids, but to me, who has a career that is a difficult one to break into, that’s special).

My Mom is awesome. She takes care of us kids (yes, technically two of us are adults. Shush and listen.). She does the grocery shopping, the meal planning, the errand running… Mom encourages me in writing. She helps me edit and occasionally helps me with ideas. She should write a book of her own (Hi, Mom!). She’s there for me when I need her.

My oldest sister is awesome. My oldest sister is the one I can watch or read about anything with. We laugh, we cry, we joke. She has a fashion sense (and I do not…).  She’s my best friend.

My second oldest sister is awesome. She and I like a lot of the same things. It’s fun to fangirl about things with her.

My third oldest sister is awesome. I see a lot of the girl I once was in her, only she’s an extrovert. She’s almost always willing to help out. She comes up and gives me random hugs if she thinks I need them (and I do need them sometimes).

My fourth oldest sister is awesome. She loves babies. She believes she has a fashion sense like the second oldest sister. She’s just fun.

My brother is awesome. He is so beautifully intelligent. It makes me proud. He enjoys LEGOs and The Lord of the Rings. I’m the only one of his sisters that he will let kiss and not immediately wipe it off (even if I ambush him with it).

My next to youngest sister is awesome. She’s bouncy, so full of energy. She wants to be a ninja. But she also likes girly things, too. She always wants a good night hug.

My baby sister is awesome. She is talkative and sweet. Have you ever done something with a younger sibling and then realized that they are copying you? Today, I entertained her while food was being prepared. For 20 minutes or longer, I helped her draw and color hand-turkeys (you know, when you trace around your hand and then make it look like a turkey?). We drew a page with two of them; I colored one, she colored the other. After we had colored them, I realized that she colored the feathers in the same pattern I had. (I feel warm and fuzzy inside.)

 I thank God for the awesome family He has blessed me with.

So what is something you guys are thankful for? If you’re American, how was your Thanksgiving? If you’re not American, how was your Thursday? Let me know in the comments!



6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Awesome!

    My Thanksgiving was incredible. It was just the seven of us, since all the rest of the non-immediate family was doing other things for Thanksgiving. So we spent about all day cooking… well, almost everybody was cooking. I was doing dishes and trying to clean bits of the kitchen…but I usually prefer cleaning over cooking, so I didn’t mind. And, I don’t know, something about it was just fun today.
    The only part of the day that wasn’t awesome was that our pumpkin pie didn’t…really taste right. We haven’t found a recipe we like yet.

    I’m going to have to echo what you said and say that I am so super thankful that God gave me an awesome family. And a large family, too. Mine might not be quite as big as yours (…for now…who knows if there’ll be anybody more after number 6 comes along in March), but I think it’s still a fairly decent size and I really couldn’t imagine having a small family.

  2. Awwwwww! How sweet! My family is pretty awesome, too, even if we do drive each other nuts sometimes. We kids were all sitting in the play room sorting toys and cards from the game closet and singing Christmas carols this morning. It was nice, though I must admit I’m not quite ready for it to be “the Christmas season” yet. 🙂

    When we were each saying five things we were thankful for yesterday (no samesies!), I said homeschooling, all the tons and tons of books we have and the libraries we can go to (and that I can bike to ours), Google Docs, furniture, and…whoops, I forget what the last one was. Sigh. Oh well. Obviously that’s not all I’m thankful for, but it was getting hard to come up with something in 30 seconds that someone else hadn’t said! 😉

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