Inquisitive Wednesday– Quirky Questions for Readers, Part 5

It’s Inquisitive Wednesday! On IW, I answer 5-10 questions, be they from awards, tags, or reader input.

I’m going to be answering the 55 Quirky Questions for Readers tag. 55 questions about books!

"You want weapons?We're in a library! BOOKS! The best weapons in the WORLD"- The tenth Doctor. Why i love him so much. He loves books
Tenth Doctor reads books. Books are cool.

I’m going to answer 5 questions at a time. Here we go!


21. What will inspire you to recommend a book?

Um… well, if I liked the book and I think someone else will… just sayin’.

22. Favourite genre:

Fantasy. Definitely fantasy. I read fantasy, I write fantasy, I live fantasy! (Okay, I don’t live fantasy. But I think that’s for the better, don’t you?)

23. Genre you rarely read (but wish you did):

Oh boy. Where shall I take this question… classics. I confess that for all my raving over Jane Austen, I don’t actually read classics that often and when I do, it’s audiobook. I try but… they tend to be thick. And wordy. Beautiful, but wordy. And thick; did I mention thick?

24. Favourite Biography:

Mama’s Bank Account by Kathryn Forbes. It’s about the author’s mother and how she dealt with all sorts of situations when the author was growing up. It’s beautiful. (But out of print. Sigh. Do try and read it if you can get your hands on a copy.)

25. Have you ever read a self-help book? (And, was it actually helpful?)

My thesaurus has been my go to self-help book through thick and thin. Even before I was a writer, I often browsed the thesaurus. It has been most helpful throughout my teen and young adult years.


And that’s all for this week! (Sorry about the lack of gifs. My computer has been picky about pictures. If anyone has a WordPress blog and could explain to me how to get pic and gifs into my posts, I would appreciate it. Even if it doesn’t work, I would still appreciate it.)



5 thoughts on “Inquisitive Wednesday– Quirky Questions for Readers, Part 5

  1. 21. Same.

    22. I honestly have no clue anymore.

    23. Probably the same, there…

    24. George Muller: The Guardian of Bristol’s Orphans by Janet Benge. Although if autobiographies count, The Narrow Road by Brother Andrew. Because. Just because. They’re both really awesome.

    25. Um…yes? It depends what you consider a self-help book. I read lots of teach-yourself-this-or-that books when I was younger. Everything from crocheting and drawing to ropes and archery and stuff like that. That was my favorite section of the children’s area of my old library. But sometimes I used those handy-dandy catalog lookup skills and found books in *gasp* the adult section!

  2. Yup, definitely fantasy.

    Ha, yes. Classics… I need to read more of them, too. >_<

    Do drawing/art books count as self-help books? If so, then yes, and they're varyingly helpful. If not, then I really am not sure…

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