Night Writing

The hobbits are asleep

I change the bedtime music from Christmas songs

To something more of my liking

Peter Hollens and Celtic Thunder cover some of my favorites

I can write with this music on

No headphones; it plays into the large room

I put pen to paper and begin to write while the desire is there

I allow occasional distraction

(Pinterest– Selena Gomez is now the young villain for this book’s sequel)

(Twitter– Castle is on, being live-tweeted. I unfollow them to avoid spoilers)

(A writing blog– she described a real picnic beautifully, inspiring this post)

But I write in between the distractions. I love these characters

And I hate that I am going to destroy their lives soon

I get lost in the story, lost in the ink that marks up the page

Words come without me thinking them

I write more than I have in days

The callus on my middle finger gets deeper

(I have actually bent that finger to the side in my years of writing)

I fill pages by the light of my desk lamp and the light of my laptop

I don’t distract myself as much now

I lose myself in my story

I’m not worried about word count goals anymore

I lose myself and the words flow

Yes, it needs editing, but it’s beautiful to me now

I lose myself… and suddenly, I look up

The computer reveals the time

It’s late. I should go to bed.


16 thoughts on “Night Writing

  1. THIS IS NICE. I like this. I like that you can lose yourself in writing. Usually I don’t…usually I’m hyper aware of the time and the word count’s TIRING. >.> But…but this week, I did get really really lost in my writing and I LOVED THAT.
    Do you do all your writing by hand?

    • Thank you! 🙂

      It’s such a beautiful feeling to get lost in a story, isn’t it?

      First drafts of stories, yes. I have tried typing first drafts, but it doesn’t work for some reason. They don’t feel right…

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