Inquisitive Wednesday– October Edition

It’s Inquisitive Wednesday! On IW, I answer 5-10 questions, be they from awards, tags, or reader input.

Well, it’s the first of October, as I’m sure many have you have noticed. This IW, I’m answering a few of my own questions. Who knows? Maybe you guys have actually been wondering these things…

1. Why do you call it Autumn instead of Fall?

I never explain anything

Okay, okay. I just like the sound of the word Autumn better than the word Fall.

2. What’s your favorite part of Autumn?

Who wrote these questions? Oh yeah… I like a lot of things about Autumn. I like pumpkin cookies, the cool weather, the leaves changing color, Mallow-Creme pumpkins (I really like pumpkins)… oh! And the annual visit from the Great Pumpkin!

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966, dir. Bill Melendez)
“Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He’s gotta pick this one. He’s got to. I don’t see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there’s not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see.”

3. Do you celebrate Halloween?

Yes, I do… sort of. I don’t usually like creepy stuff, but I do enjoy watching the aforementioned Charlie Brown episode, as well as the Winnie-the-Pooh Halloween episode. And I usually walk around town, dressed up, while my siblings trick-or-treat.

4. What are you dressing up as?

I have no idea… Any ideas? Like, stuff I can find around the house ideas?

this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link
I draw the line at a bedsheet ghost.


5. Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year?

Which isn’t actually an October question, but everyone else is freaking out about it, so I thought I would, too.

Duck stampede. Wow!
It’s only a month until NaNo! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Yes, I will be participating. However, I will be a rebel and not start a new project. I’m going to work on LASER (which I sincerely doubt that I will finish before November, since I only got to page 30 night before last. By the way… I did get to page 30, so YAY!).

6. When are you going to tell us about LASER?!

Um… when the first draft is done. Sorry, but that’s how I roll. Remember when I said this:?

Before anyone starts asking what it’s about, there’s something you should know. I will not be saying much about my stories on Spiral-Bound. I have learned, the hard way, that if I talk about my stories too much, I lose interest. And there’s little worse than losing interest in a perfectly good story. Trust that I will slip hints when I think “safe”, but beyond that, I’m afraid you will just have to wait until at least the first draft is done.


So, that’s that. Let me assure you that LASER has been going pretty well. I haven’t told anyone anything about it. A few people (like 3) know the names of a couple of characters. Besides myself, one person has an inkling of plot (because she helped me figure out what LASER stood for).

Anyway. I must go. Hobbits to tend to…

{Orlando’s last day on the set of The Hobbit gifset}



23 thoughts on “Inquisitive Wednesday– October Edition

  1. 1. I use both terms. I agree, autumn is prettier, but I usually forget and say fall because that’s what most of the people around me do…

    2. Used to be the cooler weather and pretty leaves. Now, I don’t have any pretty leaves, so…the cooler weather I guess. But it’s still going to be another month at least. At least.

    3. Nope.

    4. Again, nope.

    5. “…But everyone else is freaking out about it, so I thought I would too.” Nice. Niiiice. I’m still deciding. I think so, but…*glances at unfinished sequel* I’m getting there? I’m doubting my ability to plan an entire novel that I’ve previously confined to the “do not think about this plot bunny” ward in two weeks. But. We’ll see. So, in other words, I think I’m waiting a few more weeks to decide. But I’m working towards it.

    6. YAY!!!! 30 pages! Whoooo! It’s okay, I can bide my time and keep sending you weird wolf music. *looks suspicious*

  2. I’m thinking of going rebel with Nano this year too. I mean, I have a book idea that I could do, which does need written, but I’m currently on a roll with a different book, and I don’t want to get off of that roll.

  3. I use fall and autumn interchangeably.

    Oooh… i love the colors, the crisp autumn air, the pumpkins, the smell of wood smoke and burning leaves, and the itch to travel down a dirt road dusted with fallen leaves.
    And pumpkin bread, and apple cider, and apple crisp. 🙂

    Someone else who watches the Halloween Winnie the Pooh and the Charlie Brown Halloween!
    Yes, I still watch that pooh bear show. It’s a holiday tradition. And I would rather miss Halloween entirely then dress up and celebrate without watching The Great Pumpkin.

    As to Halloween costumes, I am making extravagant plans to be Astrid from How to train Your Dragon.
    I just got an epic looking ax for it 😀

  4. WE SAY AUTUMN IN AUSTRALIA. We don’t say Fall because…um, the leaves don’t fall. So I suppose we needed to call it an intelligent name instead? Still. I never thought about that either. We also don’t do Halloween in Oz, soooo…I’m just going to skip to Nano. XD I watch people freak out about it EVERY year and I’ve never done it and…I kind of want to try it! Just to at least say I HAVE done it, you know?!
    *whispers* Mime is the same about her WIPs. I talk about mine so so much and it helps me write. But Mime literally tells me nothing unless she’s finished it. -_-

  5. We shall be REBELS together! 😛 I am going to be working on my Venice novel I started during Camp Nano.

    Oh oh oh I have an excellent costume idea for you that I wore last year. All you do is you buy a huge piece of black fabric and make basically a gigantic tunic. Then you wear some sort of black hood or mysterious looking hat. One of those masquerade masks from Walgreens can also add a nice touch (I used a red one to add an eerie splash of color).
    Wa – you are a mysterious dark figure. Think up a story for yourself!

    I used to not do creepy Halloween (I hate horror and all that) but now I’ve gotten into the mysterious/spooky side of things. But it has to be clever and not cliche. And it has to have a story. All my Halloween costumes are Characters. (When I was ten, I went as someone from one of my own books! “And who are you, dear?” “I am Alicia of the Greenwood Clan.” “Oh… Okay… That’s nice?”)

    Now I need to think of a costume for this year. I’m thinking I might be a performer from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. (Also a simple costume – anything whimsical and black/white/grey.)

    So this comment was supposed to be on a bunch of different aspects of your post, but I got excited by Halloween costumes. Oh well.

  6. 1. I call it fall. Don’t know why. Probably because that’s what my parents say.

    2. Ditto Sophia on the smell of woodsmoke! (For me woodsmoke is sort of an all-year thing, especially since we make our own maple syrup in the spring, and that means a week of tending fires and sap pots.) Also the colors. LOVE the colors. And acorns. My mom and I walk down our road every day or so and we’ve found like three different kinds of acorns.

    3. Yep. At least my sister and I dress up. We’re too old to go trick-or-treating anymore, but one is never to old to dress up. We might watch a Halloween-themed movie like Tower of Terror (which isn’t actually all that scary) or The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

    4. Haven’t fully decided yet, but my options so far are: A mistborn, Elsa from Frozen, a pirate, my MC, Claudia from Warehouse 13, gender-bent Cecil from Welcome to Nightvale, and Claudia dressing up as a gender-bent Cecil (because the costumes would be practically the same so why not combine them?)

    5. … Is that a river of ducks?

    I do plan on doing NaNo, but I’m going to rebel and work on more revisions. I’m not even going to try getting to 50k this year.

    6. As I am the one person with an inkling of the plot, I shan’t say a word.

    • 2. Three kinds of acorns is cool.

      4. If you go as a Mistborn or Elsa, I’d like photos please.

      5. It’s actually a STAMPEDE of ducks.

      6. Thank you, Lady Lillain. 😉

      • 4. Photos you shall have.

        5. Ah, yes. I knew “river” wasn’t the right word. I kinda want to know why there was a stampede of ducks. So many ducks….

        6. You’re very welcome, Lady Katherine.

        • 4. Excellent!
          5. On my Pinterest board “GIFs”, I have that particularly “fowl” gif. 😉 It links to an article about it, but I’m not sure if they actually say why the ducks were stampeding.

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