An Obituary

This past Saturday, September 27, Peekaboo Copernicus Nichols, beloved school pet of the Nichols family, was found dead in his home. It is suspected he died of old age, since hamsters are only supposed to live 2 or 3 years and Peekaboo had been 3 at the time of his departure.

He is proceeded in death by three cats and several chickens.

He will be missed very much. But he is in a better place-the big hamster-wheel in the sky, as one of the Nichols sisters has said.

Rest in peace, Peekaboo. The schoolroom will not be the same without you.




15 thoughts on “An Obituary

  1. I have a feeling someone possibly put you up to writing this… 😉

    How sad for Peekaboo and family! Rest in peace, hamster.

    We haven’t had a pet for…almost seven years. Wow. I forgot it had been that long…

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