Guess What Happens Tomorrow

Never mind, you won’t be able to.

Tomorrow, school starts!

Despicable Me
Just like everyone else was doing a few weeks ago.

Okay, I’m sorry for the slight sarcasm below the gif up there. If you guys could just bear with me for the rest of this post, that’d be great.

So, my family is homeschooled. We have been since I was 9 and going into fourth grade. This year is my oldest sister’s senior year and my youngest sister’s first preschool year.

Well, we usually start school the Monday after Labor Day. But we had to postpone twice. Which is why we’re starting tomorrow.

At this point, I’m sure all of you are either puzzled or curiously glaring at me. I keep saying “we”. You’ve done the math and by that math, I graduated from school 4 or 5 years ago. So… why do I keep speaking like I’m starting school, too?

Well, because the school year affects me, too. I help the hobbits with their school work on occasion. I help out around the house, cooking and cleaning and such. Also, the school year gives me time to work on writing quietly and uninterrupted (which, around here, is something that happens very, very rarely) while the hobbiteses are doing their studies.


I have my own studies, too.

No, I’m not going to college or taking courses online.

I am learning how to write novels. In more ways than just writing them. There are books on writing that I read (I’m currently reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamont). There is a lecture series (taught by Brandon Sanderson!) on YouTube. And of course, I’m still writing! I’m trying to teach myself efficient/quick writing. Failing grade right now…

I’m learning German. Und ich schreibe.

I’m reading some of the classics. And reading other stuff too, which helps me learn how to write.

Math? I do a ridiculous amount of math everyday. Do you know how much a family of 10 eats? How do you divide 6 graham crackers between 8 sibs? And how do you share a pack of M&M’s?

Pikachu is so happy (gif)
Lots of eating around here.

The science and history are spontaneous. They usually happen through Wikipedia. For writing purposes.

Yeah, I know, none of this is required of me (Except for the math. Don’t ever give one kid more M&M’s than another!). But this is stuff I want to do. This is stuff I want to learn.

And you know what? You never stop learning.

One day, you will be done with school. You will be done with college. But after that, are you going to stop reading? (I sincerely hope not. I actually knew a guy who stopped reading after ten years of college.) Are you going to stop writing? Are you just going to stop?

You will always learn. You will, with every day, become smarter, more knowledgeable. And knowledge is power.

Don’t forget to be awesome.


29 thoughts on “Guess What Happens Tomorrow

  1. Boy, and I thought I hard it hard with trying to split things between five of us. Eight? Oh boy. (Though apparently I’m not far off… Number six comes in March.)

    Yup. I even learn things on vacation or even on the weekends!

  2. I totally agree with this! It sounds a bit like my life too, actually, although my small hobbits are niece/nephews and don’t do school yet, but rather run around screaming and eating everything in sight. (The maths is a big part of daily life. Because woe befalls me if the piece of cake isn’t EVENLY split.) I should probably read more writing books, for the theory side of writing. But I read lots in my genres….all those YA books I read? RESEARCH. Toooootally research.

  3. Yes, who dares give one sibling one more crumb of a chip than the other one got? I declare, if they’re going to be so nit-picky about it, they’d best do it themselves because they’ll do it better than I ever will…

    We have the problem with dessert, too. “Uh oh, only enough ice cream left for six people. Okay, who’s having cookies instead? No? Okay then…” And leftovers. That happens a lot too.

    You have to learn a lot of things with a big family. I learned to carry five or six cups at once when I was about ten. (It’s simple: Use your arms to hold the cups against your side. Works perfectly.) I have also supposedly learned to cut cake nearly perfectly, according to the rest of my family. I think my dad is the most impressed with that one. He always insists this or that can’t be divided nicely into nine and then is shocked when I do it…

    Have fun with German. I’ve kind of let the languages slip the past week or two myself. *looks guilty* And…violin. Yeah. Meanwhile, I’m trying to catch up on my seems-longer-than-it-actually-is literature book for school, and oh yeah, write. Sigh. Oh well. Learning is fun! Happy first day of school for you all; happy fifth week of school for us. I think…might be sixth, actually. Yeah. Sixth. Wow, already?

  4. The motto of homeschooling: You Never Stop Learning.
    Oh oh oh and do you want to hear my two homeschooling jokes?
    Of course you do! (They actually aren’t mine. My mom heard them from her best friend who is also a homeschooling mom.)

    What do you call a homeschooling mother talking to herself?
    A parent teacher conference!


    How many homeschoolers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    Just one, but their mother has to get books on electricity from the library first!

    (Fun fact: I actually used the last one on multiple college apps to show the “Lifelong Learning Process” thing. Apparently it worked, ’cause I got in!)

    Also, I sympathize with you on the sibling thing, since I have many friends who are in huge families, but I can’t empathize. I have a single sister. Splitting things in half is very simple, as is making a system for who gets first dibs when.

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