These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

annaporterartist:  Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens …

The first few sips of coffee in the morning, when my brain feels like it’s waking up


The days in Autumn when the sun is shining bright but it’s cool outside

One Day More

That moment when I suddenly figure out the answer to a plot problem

The Lord of the Rings

The CRACK hardback books make when opened for the first time

Monty Python quotes

So sweet! It's time for my nap.  #kitten #cat

Listening to my 3 year old sister “read aloud” a book she’s heard a million times

I See Fire

Discussing Pokémon with my second oldest sister

Silver jewelry

Playing Disney Apples to Apples with at least three siblings

Pumpkin cookies

~bright copper kettles~

Finding the perfect name for a new character

Baby Yarn

Reading a book I can’t put down

Chick-flicks about writers

The smell of the heater turned on (it smells like Christmas)

Disney Songs

The thought that NaNoWriMo is on it’s way

Homemade jam

I once knitted a pair of mittens. I wonder if I still could. This is a beautiful pattern: Adiri Mittens pattern by Julia Trice

Walking to the mailbox (and having mail addressed to me)

Dark Waltz

New Messy Mondays videos

The Sound of Music

The sound my computer makes when a friend comes into the chatroom

Fairytales and Folklore

Long conversations in the comments of a blog


Brown papers. Natural paper. Twine and raffia gift wrap.

When the words flow from my mind, straight through my pen, and onto the page with little conscious thought

Jane Austen

Listening to almost any type of music (everything from Pop to Folksongs)

Typing the words “The End”


22 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Awwwwww! What a lovely list!

    I have a list, too. I think I’m up to 830ish…way too close to 1,000 (have you ever heard of that book?).

    The words just flowing with little conscious thought…yeah…I miss that feeling. These days writing is slow, methodical plodding along for me. BUT! I am getting there! I’m actually starting to be a little disturbed by my sudden seeming lack of ability to get to the point–the plot point, that is. My wordcount is going up, and my “words left” tally is going down, but…my plot paper is basically glanced at and given a hopeless shrug. It seems to be that no matter how many times I redo it, as soon as I start to write, the story goes its own way. Sigh.

    Hopefully I’ll get to the end of the story with the end of my wordcount, because seriously…who knows now.

    But wait! Beautiful post! Let’s get back to positivity! You enjoy your “autumn” (I’m sorry, I still call it fall). We get the shorter days but not the temperature decline. Yeah, actually, it’s starting to feel nice in the mornings because it’s a mere 74-76 degrees. 😉

  2. I love your list. 🙂 “The End” is my favourite thing to type too…honestly, it’s better than Chapter One, although THAT gives me huge excitement too. Fangirl is the best. It’s literally my favourite part of reading/writing/watching ANYTHING. There’s nothing quite like being severely passionate about something awesome. ^-^ It’s funny though…as soon as the weather starts warming up THAT reminds me of Christmas. Smell of air-conditioning. XD

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