Inquisitive Wednesday– Quirky Questions for Readers, Part 2

It’s Inquisitive Wednesday! On IW, I answer 5-10 questions, be they from awards, tags, or reader input.

On to IW!

I’m going to answer the 55 Quirky Questions for Readers tag. 55 questions about books!

"You want weapons?We're in a library! BOOKS! The best weapons in the WORLD"- The tenth Doctor. Why i love him so much. He loves books
Tenth Doctor reads books. Books are cool.

I’m going to answer 5 questions at a time. Here we go!

6. Do you have an e-reader?

#doctorwho animated #gif
I have a Kindle. And I love it!

7. Do you prefer to read one book at a time, or several at once?

As I said in Part 1 of this tag, one of my bad book habits is trying to read four books at once. It doesn’t work very well. However, at any given time, I am probably reading two. One of those is often audiobook.

8. Have your reading habits changed since starting a blog?

I’ve only been blogging for three months…

A bit, but not because I’ve started blogging. I’ve started reading more consistently.

9.Least favourite book you read this year:

Oh… the answer to this will probably get me stoned. DON’T PICK UP THE ROCKS YET!!!

There are two books I read that I disliked this year. I’m saving one of them for another question so I am going to go with the other.

Jane Eyre.

To Non-Whovian Readers of My Blog Who Don't Get My Doctor Who References, I say this:

10. Favourite book I’ve read this year:

How my day went today - as described by Doctor Who gifs - Imgur
I’ve read 10 books this year! How am I supposed to pick one?

I think it’s a toss up between The Raven Boys, Divergent, and Going Postal. Actually, I’m pretty sure The Raven Boys wins.


That’s it for this week! I want to hear your answers to some of these questions!

Doctor Who Nine Rose Tyler bye



32 thoughts on “Inquisitive Wednesday– Quirky Questions for Readers, Part 2

  1. Nooo I’m so sad you didn’t like Jane Eyre! Why?

    But now that you’ve read it, I would like to reccommend one of my favorite books to you: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I think you’ll like it, even if you didn’t like Jane Eyre. It’s alternate reality bookish awesomeness!

    • It was just really strange to me. Jane’s thoughts seemed off and… the whole thing about the attic was just weird.

      I’ll look into it. I’m actually reading a different book by Jasper Fforde right now– The Last Dragonslayer. I’m unfortunately not impressed, though.

  2. I am putting my bag of stones away only because I can’t stone throw rocks at someone who throws me THAT Ten gif.
    The Doctor has saved you.
    My favorite book I’ve read this year (so far 😛 ) is probably Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Book 2, followed closely by Ranger’s Apprentice Book 12.

  3. I agree that Jane Eyre was weird and slow and clunky at times, but I liked the story overall. I understand why someone wouldn’t though, so no stones 🙂

    And if ten books is hard to pick a favorite, imagine Cait trying to pick one…

    I prefer to read one book at once, but in all honesty, not including school even I’m usually “reading” at least two or three. Now, I put reading in quotes because usually one book is being read and the others are sitting on the shelf waiting their turn again because I’ve started them, but found a more interesting book or something like that…I’m especially bad about this if it’s a non-fiction book. Heheh.

  4. Hehe, these are awesome gifs. The Sesame Street one particularly. I always forget about that one, but eventually I’m sooo going to use it. XD Oh, but I didn’t like Jane Eyre either. I listened to half on audio and I couldn’t take it anymore. Child abuse, much?!!!

  5. I’m with you on Jane Eyre. I only made it half way before giving up. Rodchester disturbed me and Jane…I don’t know. She just, kind of drove me insane. She felt like a character who acted like a martyr. If bad things happened she seemed to think she deserved them so sat down and took them but in kind of a way where she wanted everyone to feel sorry for her and her horrible life. I know bad things happened to her, but I didn’t see it was horrible enough to seem so depressed all the time.

    Anyways….that is my thoughts on half the book.

    • Yes, yes, yes! My big problem was that Jane was just… I’ve known rocks that would recognize that someone loved them more than she did. It was so obvious that Rochester was in love with her and she just…

      (And I will spare you the rant. The book does not get better after that first half.)

  6. Oh, wow. E-readers–I read on my laptop. I read multiple books at once, but normally not more than two. The one book I hated most– grr. I haven’t had a chance to read anything for fun much this year, so I don’t really have one. I abstain from opinions on all books related to school.

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