First Attempt

I was digging through a tote under my bed this past Saturday. I had come upstairs for a new notebook and found some other notebooks that had already been written in. So I did what any author would do and flipped through my ancient notebooks with the yellowing pages.

I found what I think might be my very first attempt at The Curse Fulfilled.

(I realize that those who haven’t known me for very long actually have no idea what The Curse Fulfilled is. It was my first NaNo novel (2011), which I queried agents with just this past May. It’s about a 12-year-old boy named Drake who finds out he’s cursed and has been turning into a dragon every night since his twelfth birthday.)

TCF first attempt
Drake’s name was Jake at first.

So many things changed during these first attempts. Drake had a different name. He was an orphan. I wrote in a third person omniscient that broke the fourth wall.

I’ve come pretty far since I wrote this bit in October 2011. But I still love this story to pieces.


Do you guys still have very first attempts of writing? Or of anything? Do they make you sentimental or make you cringe?




50 thoughts on “First Attempt

  1. Yep. I have ’em. Stacks of old notebooks and a few folders of old papers. A few original signed copies of stapled “books”… 🙂

    They make me sentimental AND make me cringe!

  2. I saved a lot of my first attempts. They make me blush with embarrassment, but I still like to read them sometimes for fun. I believe every Author needs to keep one first attempt.

  3. I had two novels that I can rightly call my first attempts… I hate looking back at them.
    One was a poorly thought out and written Star Wars rip off. The other was a fairly unique elf fantasy story.
    I have an odd mixture of pride and horror about them.
    My worst first attempt I have to say was a star wars fanfic I wrote.
    It was my first time ever typing a story out and the typos and grammatical errors… I never look at my old copy of it anymore.

  4. Aw, look at the old first draft. Somewhere I have the falling apart first “draft” (really a short story) of Lizzie Evans and the Black Cat Diamond all printed out on card stock and stuck together with jeweled brads. And I echo Amanda in that it makes me sentimental AND cringe. Cringe hard….

  5. I sometimes find relics like this. I tried to write a Robin Hood retelling once. Worse, though, I did it in the style of Roger Lancelyn Greene.
    I can’t do a style like that.
    Besides, it doesn’t sell in the modern era. 😛

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