A Writing Process

(As told by Les Miserables gifs.) (And red and black captions.)

A Plot Bunny Appears.

E/E GIF. His face is like "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Marius and Enjolras from Les Mis
We are wary of the idea it presents. Friend or foe?

We accept the bunny.

an accurate depiction of Enjolras 'helping' Marius plan his wedding.  "I think we'll put the flowers over ther-" "I don't care, just make them red."
And we decide just when things will happen. We plot.

We become excited, coming up with perfect ideas at inconvenient moments.

behind the white words it says red the song goes "red, the blood of angry men, black the dark of ages past red a world about to dawn, black the night that ends at last

And sometimes we say them out loud.

We write!

We write with passion!

We write awesomely.

Nothing gets in our way.

And then, Writer’s Block finds us.

And with it, some good old-fashioned self-doubt.

But we press on!

As best we can.

And then, after late nights, early mornings, and a ridiculous amount of sweat, the first draft is finished!

Please note the coffee cup. It is vital.

We send the story to our beta-readers.

And we suddenly remember every misplaced contrived scene and misplaced comma we left.

We get feedback.

You must be joking (gif)
Did I really mess that up?!?
epic eyeroll (gif)
I can’t believe I missed that!

Our story mocks us.

Best Grantaire face EVER (GIF)
I could kill you in the rewrite, you ungrateful character.

We pull ourselves out of this…

Little Γ‰ponine in the rain. Aw. (gif)


Β …and move toward the edits.

Aaronjolras pep talk (gif)
Pep talking ourselves helps.

We get rid of scenes, add scenes, put the old scenes back…

tumblr_mn5eorywMu1sn96z2o1_250.gif (245Γ—194)

We drive ourselves insane. When friends and family ask how it’s going:

Don't ask me

But we somehow manage to pull it all together.

(one day more,les mis)
A beautiful whole where all the pieces fit nicely.
Black - the night that ends at last!
It’s all over.

We put the story away or send it to betas for another round of edits. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

But then, another little rabbit appears…

Cosette (gif)

And it starts all over again.

Marius and Enjolras from Les Mis


57 thoughts on “A Writing Process

  1. THIS IS THE BEST. It’s hilarious and so so true….although I haven’t even seen Les Mis. (I know. I know. I’m an uneducated bookworm.) But I giggled so hard at the “We just built a barricade”. lol! He looked so proud. XD

  2. I, of course, have no clue what any of the movie references mean, but I admit I almost did laugh out loud in front of all my siblings at the “How many times does a bloke have to die in one day?” and “Don’t ask ME!” because one, it’s funny, and two, it’s so true…oh, the agony.

    I did write today. πŸ™‚ I have a reminder set for 1:00 every day to write and practice violin and today I noticed, that, uh. “Oh. 14 days since I practiced violin. Oh…29 days since I wrote. Huh. Guess I should fix that.” So…I did. I practiced violin, and it was painful, and I wrote, and it was…much better than I expected. Or at least much more than I expected. So, yay!

  3. I saw this post when it was published over a year ago and was like, haha, this is cool (not knowing a thing about Les Mis). I recently finished the book and the movie, came back to this post, and was a starry-eyed geek the entire way through. This is awesome and lovely. ❀

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