I enjoy a cappella music. I also love ominous music. Funny how often the two intersect.

Would you believe that I’m going to turn this into a dragon post?

Today, I am going to talk about Smaug from The Hobbit.

gif_smaug.gif (350×163)

Smaug is one of my favorite literary dragons and definitely my favorite evil dragon. He’s the villain of his story and a very good villain at that. He sits atop the  gold and gems of the dwarves, being intelligent, superior, unstoppable.

3D Smaug gif. This is pretty cool.<--No, you don't even understand. this is the best gif in the history of dragons.

He’s arrogant and he sounds very intellectual. (If you ever read The Hobbit out loud, Smaug needs a British accent that conveys intelligence and high college degrees. Not that Smaug ever went to Oxford…) (Go away, plot bunnies. I don’t have time for you.)

Smaug gif
Did you say “bunnies”?

Hmm… Smaug looks a bit hungry… I think I left the sink running. Excuse me! *takes off*


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25 thoughts on “I AM FIRE!!!

  1. SMAUG IS VERY AWESOME. I like awesome villains, even if they’re the scaly snaky kind. 😉 I think dragons are hugely interesting. OH. But I seriously love that song! And also the I See Fire song by Ed Sheeran…gosh I have that on repeat so much. 😉

    Eeep! Thanks for the shout out! 🙂

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