Cowboys and Dragons

Do you guys see this?

This is a bit of dragon lore from the US on display. In 1890, a newspaper printed a story.

“A winged monster, resembling a huge alligator with an extremely elongated tale and an immense pair of wings, was found on the desert between the Whetstone and Huachuca mountains last Sunday by two ranchers who were returning home… The monster had only two feet… The head, as near as they could judge,  was about eight feet long, the jaws being thickly set with strong, sharp teeth. Its eyes were as large as a dinner plate and protruded about half way from the head… The total length from tip to was about 160 feet. The wings were composed of a thick and nearly transparent membrane.” (This is what it says in the display in the photo. If you can zoom in on that photo, you can read the other stuff that’s in the photo.)

Cowboys… and dragons. That is awesome. Tell me that doesn’t spark a plot bunny. 



16 thoughts on “Cowboys and Dragons

  1. I got a plot bunny the minute I read the title of this post, I didn’t even need to read the story. *Facepalm.*

    That is an awesome bit of lore. I didn’t realize there was any dragon lore in the US. *Fends off plot bunnies.*

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